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VM2 Video Maker 2 from Vitec

VM2 is VITEC's award winning hybrid encoder designed for custom development. Built on VITEC Multimedia's revolutionary technology designs, the VM2 can quickly be customized to meet your own application needs. Real-time MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Encoder Hybrid Encoder Technology Upgradeable and Scalable SIF, HD1, FD1 resolutions Composite and S-Video Input

Introducing the VM2-1 and VM2-2 from VITEC MULTIMEDIA, a revolutionary step forward in MPEG encoding technology. Specifically designed for system integrators, VARs and embedded systems, the VM2 family of MPEG encoders makes low cost, high quality MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding a reality. The VM2 family is 100% based on VITEC's Award Winning technology and fully benefits from VITEC's newest MPEG compression chip, the VM2000. VITEC has developed this next generation of MPEG compression chip using a revolutionary concept : hybrid technology. The VM2000 utilizes the full potential of your computer's processor, along side it's own powerful coprocessor and software capabilities. This combination results in a cost effective solution with unparalleled scalability.


Product Features

  • More Flexibility
    Easy improvement of algorithms over time by simple software updates. For instance, it will be possible to implement new algorithms on the same hardware base in a near the future by simple software upgrades via the internet.

  • High Scalability
    The same hardware board will benefit from higher processing power of the PC over time. The software of the hybrid architecture automatically detects which PC is used and scales the motion estimation algorithm to more powerful modes, thus leading to more quality or higher compression ratios.

  • Cost Effective
    The hybrid approach requires far less silicon than the full hardware solution.

  • Increasing Performance And Features
    When a faster PC is used, VM2-1 and VM2-2 will run with higher quality and new features. This is not the case with other products on the market.

  • Easy And Economic Upgrades
    No need to buy a new board each time a new compression algorithm comes to the market. Just buy and download a new software upgrade and run it with the board. The overall cost over time is lower.

  • Extended Life A VAR doesn't need to buy a new board and invest time and money in a new development each time the next generation of encoding algorithm comes to the market .

  • Consistent Installed Base
    A VAR can upgrade its installed base of equipment by a simple software upgrade and keep a consistent hardware base, which is much easier for maintenance.


  • Pentium III required (please contact us for details)


  • Supported Windows 98 (Support for Windows NT, 2000, and Linux coming in Q3/2001 please contact us for beta driver availability)



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