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Doremi Products - V1x2 1R-2P, Multi-Channel Server


Multi-Channel Server


Complete system starts at under $14,000!


Records Video Using DCT Video Compression
up to 2:1

Configure a
system at 8:1
for recording
time of up to
13 hours RAID-0
internal storage



167 hours RAID-5
with an external
drive chassis


Download the pdf brochure

The 1R-2P is a version of the V1x2 disk recorder that features one record or playback channel and one playback video channel accessing the same video storage.

The 1R-2P is Odetics or VDCP automation compatible. The system operator can record or edit on one channel while the other channel plays on air.

Features DCT compression with selectable compression from 34:1 to 2:1. Internal storage or external RAID-5 storage is available.

Doremi Labs is a leader in digital disk recording technology for broadcast, production and post production. The v1's full feature set and proven reliability have prompted its integration into many diverse environments. With thousands of installations worldwide, this essentially maintenance free product line has continuously proven itself as the most functional and cost effective solution in the market today.

Download Recording Time Chart PDF

General Specifications (per channel):


Video Formats Inputs & Outputs: PAL/NTSC Composite, SVHS
Video Sync input
Time Code in/out: VITC, LTC (DVITC Optional)
Audio: 2 channels analog XLR
Other: Ultra-Wide SCSI, 2 RS-422 ports, Biphase, 100Base-T (GPI Optional)

Ordering Information
2 channel V1 DCT compression VDR

Remote Control Unit - RCV2
SDI in/out with D-VITC
YUV/RGB in/out
Embedded Audio on SDI
Front Panel LCD confidence video monitor
GPI 3in 3out
Dual Redundant Power Supply

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