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Disk Recorder

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The V1m has the lowest cost of the V1 family. It consists of a 2u rack mount unit that can house two drive bays. It has no front panel controls. The V1m supports compression ratios of 2:1 to 34:1. It features one audio expansion port. All other features and specifications are similar to the standard V1.



V1 DCT Series Common Features:


The V1 is a high-quality Video Disk Recorder/Player designed to record and playback video and audio using hard disks or the V1 Video Server. Due to its familiar controls and operation, the V1 can function as an instant replacement for a video tape recorder of any format, or as an additional recorder/player. It is field accurate and can be controlled from an industry standard RS-422 serial interface using the familiar “Sony 9 pin protocol.” At the same time, the V1 has the advantage of locating immediately to any position on the disk, providing instant access to the video data.

The video data is compressed using DCT compression and recorded along with the audio and the time code address onto the hard disk drive.



V1m Features:

Video Formats Inputs & Outputs: Composite, SVHS. (Optional: SDI, YUV/RGB)
Audio: 2 analog Audio Channels
Audio (Optional): up to 4 channels analog or 4 channels AES/EBU and Embedded audio on SDI.
Video Sync input
Time Code in/out: VITC & LTC (Optional D-VITC)
Other: Wide SCSI, 2 RS-422 ports, Biphase, 100Base-T, GPI (option)
Video Compression: Selectable from 2:1 to 34:1


Download V1 rear panel PDF
Download Recording Time Chart PDF


Ordering Information
V1 without front panel

Remote Control Unit - RCV2

SDI (Serial Digital Video) in/out option
YUV/RGB in/out option
One audio expansion slot available
Analog Audio: One card can be added for a total of 4 analog audio tracks
Digital Audio: One card can be added for 4 digital audio tracks AES/EBU
Embedded Audio and Digital VITC
GPI 3 in & 3out
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