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Video Server

Up to 8
Simultaneous Broadcast Quality Video Channels

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The V1 Server is a digital media server that provides fast access to large libraries of recorded video and audio. It works in concert with the highly successful V1 family of video disk recorders to provide multi-channel record and playback capability. The complete system is controlled remotely by Doremi Labs' software interface or by popular broadcast automation systems. From a workstation on the network a user can record on any video channel, playback any video file, construct a cue list and much more.

The V1 Server is modular and easily expanded as needs and budget demand. The total system has a rock-solid design utilizing high quality power supplies and protection systems that virtually eliminate down time. The V1 Server from Doremi Labs delivers on the promise of fast and flexible access to your libraries of digital media. It also has the power and control necessary for efficient file management in today’s fast paced production environments.


Ordering Information
V1XServer 4RU w/ 92GB internal SCSI storage capable of up to 4 channels
V1XServer 4RU w/ 183GB internal SCSI storage capable of up to 4 channels
V1XServer 4RU w/ 367GB internal SCSI storage capable of up to 4 channels
V1XServer 4RU w/ 735GB internal SCSI storage capable of up to 4 channels.
V1XServer 6RU w/ 293GB Fibre Channel storage capable of up to 8 channels.
V1XServer 6RU w/ 587GB Fibre Channel storage capable of up to 8 channels.
V1XServer 6RU w/ 1174GB Fibre Channel storage capable of up to 8 channels.

RAID4 Software

Dual Redundant Power Supply

Support for additional video channels



Server Control and Administration Software:


WebAdmin is a powerful and flexible Server administration tool. The WebAdmin software communicates with the Server via Ethernet. Any computer on the local network with a web browser (Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer) can now be used to administer the Server. WebAdmin can be used to perform backups, upgrade the system and perform administrative tasks such as managing users and passwords. The administrator can also view the cue points and logs stored on the Server as well as the system status and profile.


The Scheduler

The Scheduler software allows quick and easy cue list construction. Cue duration and play time can be calculated automatically or user specified. In fully automatic play-out mode, the system will play each cue in turn, on its corresponding V1 channel, with the characteristics defined by the configuration parameters of each cue. If no changes are required, the system will continue to play automatically. When changes are necessary, operators can remove, add, or alter existing cues to match the desired schedule.

The operator can splice multiple recorded clips together to construct a single video cue. The operator can also cut out a portion of the cue to shorten its play length. While doing so, the system continues to show the single video cue. This allows the user great flexibility in constructing cue lists while keeping the cue list display simple and understandable. All these operations can be done while the system is on air, allowing last minute changes to be made before broadcasting.

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