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S2-CV Series Input Expansion Switchers for C2 Series

S2-CV Series Input Expansion Switchers for C2 SeriesS2-105CV, S2-105CVA & S2-110CV Switchers may be connected to any of the C2-1000 or C2-2000 series products. The S2-105CV adds 5 Composite Video inputs, the S2-105CVA provides 5 Composite Video inputs plus 5 stereo audio inputs and the S2-110CV adds 10 Composite Video inputs of switcher capability. All units have dual video outputs.


The products connect to the C2 unit’s rear panel OPTION Connector via an OPTION cable and arefully integrated into the control system of the C2 unit.


Multiple S2 expansion switchers of diverse formatsmay be interfaced to a single C2 product*. The Windows Control Panel recognizes the C2 unit and all theconnected Input Expansion Switchers as a single Multi-format Seamless Switcher. This fully customizable approach allows the user to choose the appropriate C2 host product and S2 Input Expansion Switcher to meet a specific need.


S2 video models are available with or without stereo audio (balanced or unbalanced). In addition to the video models, a stereo audio only model is available. The units are housed in a desktop case and an optional Single/Dual Rackmount Kit is available. A single 5-Input S2 can be powered via the Options Connector, but external power is required for additional units connectedto the C2.


Standalone Operation - S2 Series Switchers can also operate as standalone video and audio switchers. Input selection is by front panel Push Buttons, IR Remote Control or via RS-232.


Key Features

  • S2-105CV adds 5 Composite Video inputs
  • S2-110CV adds 10 Composite Video Inputs
  • S2-105CVA same as S2-105CV Plus 5 audio inputs
  • Interface to host via OPTION Connector
  • Controllable via RS-232 & Infrared
  • Products may be operated standalone if desired
  • Companion versions available for most formats
  • Optional Single/Dual Rackmount Kit available


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