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LM Series Rackmount LCD Monitors

LM Series Rackmount LCD MonitorsLM-1911R and LM-1511R are high performance Color LCD Monitors for the professional market. Their respective sizes are 19” and 15” diagonally and they are housed in unique rackmount housings that tilt up or down to optimize the viewing angle. This is particularly beneficial when circumstances necessitate that the monitors be mounted above or below normal eye level. Also included is an integrated swivel stand on the rear of both units to allow table top use if desired. Both models feature high brightness, Active Matrix LCD Displays with wide viewing angles and excellent contrast ratios. They are flicker-free, low radiation, space saving and feature low power consumption. NTSC, PAL and SECAM Television Standards are supported and automatically detected.


Both models have Dual Composite Video, Dual S-Video and Dual Stereo Audio Inputs/Outputs and the Composite Video Inputs are automatically terminated. Also, a PC input is provided and can accommodate resolutions up to SXGA for the LM-1911R and XGA for the LM-1511R. Dual built in speakers are driven by 2 watt amplifiers to provide stereo audio monitoring capabilities. The unit’s Menu contains all the necessary controls to adjust Contrast, Brightness, Color, Hue and other parameters necessary for optimum monitor performance. Results of these adjustments can be viewed via the OSD.

Key Features

  • Computer Input up to SXGA for LM-1911R
  • Computer Input up to XGA for LM-1511R
  • High Brightness, Pro Grade LCD Panels
  • Dual Composite, S-Video and Stereo Inputs
  • Built in Power Supply
  • Wide Left/Right and Up/Down Viewing Angles
  • Vertically Tiltable Rackmount Housing
  • Integrated Swivel Stand for Table Top Use


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