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Niagara Pro II

Niagara Pro II
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ViewCast is pleased to introduce the new Niagara Pro II – the next generation in professional-grade video streaming appliances. This encoder offers the most powerful processors and largest memory capacity of all the Niagara appliances, taking professional streaming to the next level. With its two independent audio and video channels, the Niagara Pro II allows you to capture and encode multiple full-resolution (D1), SDI video streams.



  • Broadcasters for live streaming, mobile TV and video-on-demand
  • Enterprises for webcasting and podcasting
  • Content Delivery Networks for webcasting, video-on-demand and
    mobile TV


    The Niagara Pro series is the preferred choice for broadcasters, studios, enterprise IT departments, CDNs and network service providers because it's loaded with the high-end features that professionals demand.

    Professional features in the Niagara Pro II include:


    • Standard Definition SDI video, embedded SDI audio, and AES/EBU digital audio
    • Two independent sets of audio and video inputs
    • Supports popular standards, such as NTSC and PAL
    • Front-panel video confidence display alternates between the two channels
    • Front-panel, dual-channel multi-segment LED audio meters
    • Front-panel LCD display and convenient status navigation controls
    • Automatic switch-over to alternate video source with loss of input video
    • Uses Microsoft Windows XP Embedded O/S for the ultimate in reliability and unattended 24/7 operation
    • Front-panel USB port for easy installation of software upgrades and encoding profiles
    • Client management software (Niagara SCX Pro) and Web-based software (Niagara SCX Web interface tool) included


    The Niagara Pro II delivers powerful performance in a wide range of applications, such as:

    • Capturing and encoding live video for streaming to the Internet and to mobile devices
    • Capturing live video for Video-on-Demand (VOD) applications
    • Re-purposing video for Internet and Intranet distribution


    With the included SimulStream® software, you can create additional streams from the same sources in different formats - encoded independently and simultaneously. This powerful tool enables you to stream in multiple resolutions, formats and bit rates – all at the same time.



  • Captures, encodes, streams and compresses files for professional grade digital video and audio delivery
  • Standard Definition SDI video and AES/EBU digital audio capabilities
  • Dual channel, full-resolution (D1) video and audio streaming capabilities
  • Front-panel LCD status display, control buttons and multi-segment LED audio meters
  • Simultaneously streams multiple resolutions at multiple bit rates in multiple streaming formats, including MPEG-4, Adobe® Flash® Live, Windows Media® (Silverlight™ compatible) and RealVideo®
  • Individually customize streams with bitmap overlays (e.g., logos and graphics)
  • Niagara SCX® Pro software provides set up, remote control and monitoring of multiple Niagara encoders
  • Front-panel "A-B-C" buttons activate one-touch, pre-programmable streaming profiles
  • Self-contained unit - no mouse, monitor or keyboard required


Streaming Formats:

  • Adobe Flash Live
  • Windows Media (Silverlight compatible)
  • MPEG-4 Part 2
  • H.264
  • H.263
  • 3GPP/3GPP2 container
  • RealVideo



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