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Niagara GoStream - Portable Windows Media and Real Media Streaming Appliance

Niagara GoStream SURF
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Introducing the GoStream® SURF - same GoStream portability, but with much more power to let you broadcast in multiple full resolution streams. Designed with a combination of simplicity, portability, and power - just grab the handle and GO! It's a great way to quickly stream live events over the Internet from on location or anywhere you can access an IP network.


The Most Powerful Portable Streaming Appliance - ANYWHERE!



  • Broadcasters for live streaming, mobile TV and video-on-demand
  • Enterprises for Webcasting and podcasting
  • Network Service Providers for live streaming, Mobile TV and broadcasting government open meetings
  • Government for Federal, State or Municipal productions, such as open meetings


    The GoStream SURF portable encoding system is well-suited for Broadcasters, Corporations, Government entities, Network Service Providers and Ministries. It offers a wide range of features and functionality to make Internet streaming to computers and mobile devices push-button easy for even the most novice user.


    The GoStream SURF comes standard with our exclusive architecture, featuring simple "A-B-C" button selection of your favorite encoding profiles. With a portable, streamlined chassis, intuitive front panel controls, and EASE control menus, streaming set-up is quick and easy. Select any pre-defined encoding profile with the push of a single button... then press "STREAM" to start broadcasting over the Internet immediately.


    Control key functions from the front panel, or browse to the built-in Web interface to interact with all of your favorite configuration and performance options featured on other Niagara models. There's no need for a keyboard, monitor, or mouse - it's a self-contained system built with the durability to withstand demanding environments. Plus it's powered by Osprey technology so you know you're getting exceptional quality and reliability.


    It's true. ViewCast has made streaming easy for anyone. And from virtually anywhere. Start with a video camera and a microphone...then, connect your GoStream SURF to the Internet, push a front-panel button to select your profile, press the red "Stream" button, and you're streaming live from wherever the action is!


    Need to do live video Webcasts? Already have a videoconference system? Then you're all set...just connect your Niagara GoStream SURF to your conference system with a simple cable and get added value from your investment.

    Also included on the GoStream SURF are the most versatile ViewCast software applications - Niagara SCX® Pro and Simulstream® - both pre-configured and ready to use. These tools empower you to set up, control and monitor multiple Niagara streaming systems throughout an enterprise or over the Internet, using a single, easy-to-use interface.


    Capture, encode, stream and archive video in a wide variety of popular encoding and streaming formats.

    Niagara SCX Pro, together with Simulstream, enables you to create multiple streams in different formats in real time*, giving you the flexibility to create exactly the right content for your various audiences. This means you can encode different streams for Intranet users, high-speed Internet users, dial-up users, and viewers on mobile devices - all at the same time!


    With MPEG-4 and Adobe Flash Live streaming capabilities you can deliver your rich media content to the latest Internet-enabled video devices, as well as a wide array of mobile devices. You can size and scale each individual stream, and customize each stream with bitmap overlays (e.g., logos), closed-captioning, etc.


    No other portable media encoder on the market today offers this level of flexibility and convenience. Capture your live video and audio on the GO and discover why ViewCast is a global leader in the industry.


    * Niagara SCX allows complete control over each stream's capture size and other parameters that can cumulatively affect system performance due to the limitations of CPU speed and other internal factors. Contact our application support team to ensure that the GoStream SURF can support your combination of channels, frame sizes, bit rates, multiple-format encodes, etc.


Key Attributes:

  • Portable, powerful, compact and durable for on-location service in demanding environments
  • Simultaneously streams multiple full resolutions at multiple data rates in multiple streaming formats, including MPEG-4 and Adobe® Flash® Live
  • Captures, encodes, streams and archives digital video and audio in full resolution
  • Powered by Osprey® technology
  • Component, Y/C (S-Video), composite video inputs, balanced and unbalanced stereo audio inputs
  • Enables customized streams with bitmap overlays to brand your logo or graphics to your stream
  • Single interface provides set up and control of multiple streams
  • Built-in front-panel LCD screen with control buttons and audio signal level display
  • Self-contained unit - no mouse, monitor or keyboard required
  • Front-panel "A-B-C" buttons activate one-touch, pre-programmable streaming profiles
  • USB port access for easy file transfers and software upgrade installations
  • Use with standard wireless network interfaces


Streaming Formats:

  • MPEG-4
  • Adobe Flash
  • Windows Media®
  • RealVideo®
  • Uncompressed AVI capture to file



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