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The Osprey-230: High-Performance Video Capture

The Osprey-230: High-Performance Video Capture

The Osprey-230 is designed for today's high performance systems, delivering professional-level features and functionality, such as PCI-X compatibility, for best-quality streaming results.


Plus it's low profile configuration allows for greater usability in small form factor computers, making it the ideal solution for rack-mount encoding farms, custom enclosures, and other form factor constrained environments.The Osprey-230: High-Performance Video Capture


The Osprey-230 ships with a breakout cable for video and audio inputs.


There are several other breakout options available for the Osprey-230 to meet your specific work environment requirements which are a breakout box and a breakout rack panel.



Optional Input Connectors

The Osprey-230: High-Performance Video CaptureThe breakout box has inputs for composite video, S-Video, as well as balanced & unbalanced audio. It also features unbalanced (RCA) and balanced (XLR) audio connectors.


The 1U rack input box has the same type of inputs as the breakout box but provides an additional set of inputs. This provides rack-savings benefits when using multiple Osprey-230 streaming capture cards. The breakout panel is also available as a bundle kit with two Osprey-230 cards.

The Osprey-230: High-Performance Video Capture

Professional content creators will also gain the flexibility they need for working with various media inputs, output formats and system interfaces.




  • Cascable architecture allows for multiple Osprey-230s per chassis
  • Advanced DMA for ultra-high performance (full 30 fps)
  • Hardware audio gain control
  • Closed Caption extraction
  • AVI or extended AVI capture for use with the most popular 3rd party editing and streaming software applications
  • Hardware Cropping and Bitmap Overlay
  • PCI-X compatible
  • Audio Loop-back
  • Osprey® SimulStream® Ready


  • Video Input: Composite (BNC), S-Video
  • Audio Input: Balanced stereo (2 x XLR), Unbalanced stereo (2 x RCA)
  • Audio Output: Unbalanced stereo line level (3.5 mm)
  • Low-Profile Design Board (includes low-profile bracket, not pictured)
  • 64-bit PCI Interface
  • 32-bit/33-MHz PCI Compatible
  • 3.3-V PCI 2.3 compliant
  • Windows® Server 2003, Windows XP and Linux support



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