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Optibase Video Innovations, Leading provider  of  high quality IPTV streaming, encoding, decoding and video server upload solutions for telecom operators, service providers, broadcasters and content creators.


Optibase Player
With the Optibase Player, you can play back MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video streams on your PC anytime. Geared toward instant access and playback of all available streams, Optibase Player automatically shows you which video streams are currently being streamed across a network, as well as the video files that are stored on your local computer. Taking configuration and installation ease to new heights, Optibase Player can either be installed locally on your PC or operated from a remote web site. Combining powerful features with total ease-of-use, and compatible with Optibase's streaming platforms, the Optibase Player is an optimal solution for organizations and corporations that stream video over their IP networks.


  • Live TV playback on PCs.
  • Corporate communications: view CEO speeches, product updates and corporate events.
  • Training: employees have individual access to training videos on their PCs.
  • Surveillance/Security: store and archive footage in digital format for easy retrieval and playback.
  • Monitoring: protect your company and employees by tracking activity from afar.
  • File playback: Watch clips that are stored on your PC.


  • Ideal for real time streaming, surveillance, video telephony due to its end-to-end low-latency operation.
  • Ideal for applications with scrolling text
  • (like closed captions, subtitles, stock tickers, etc.) due to video enhancements that make the text clearer.
  • Increased productivity by allowing employees access to training material and updated corporate communications at their desktops.
  • Optibase Player can be installed locally or remotely played over the network.
  • Works on a wide-range of Windows Operating Systems (Windows 98SE, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP)
  • Easy integration into third party applications such as web browsers.



  • Supports MPEG-1 software playback
  • Supports MPEG-2 playback with Optibase's VideoPlex Xpress decoder
  • Receives and plays back IP unicast and multicast streams
  • Supports 250 ms. end to end latency with the MGW 2000 (video only)
  • Saves incoming streams to a local or remote disk for later viewing
  • Fast switching between channels (lower than 1 sec.)
  • Supports NTSC or PAL playback (using the Optibase VideoPlex Xpress)
  • Creates customizable program guides
  • Supports RTP, UDP and SAP network protocols

Minimum System Requirements

  • Pentium 2 300MHz
  • Pentium 2 200MHz for MPEG-2 with hardware assisted decoder (uses Optibase VideoPlex Xpress)
  • Windows XP/Windows 2000 Professional/Windows NT/Windows 98 SE
  • DirectX Media version 6
  • 128 MB RAM



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