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MediaPump: MPEG-2 DVB to IP Open System Gateway
MediaPump - MPEG-2 DVB to IP Open System Gateway



Technical Specifications


  • Video-on-Demand (VOD)
  • Near Video-on-Demand (NVOD)
  • Interactive Television (iTV)
  • Enhanced Television (eTV)
  • Conditional Access Systems (CAS)
  • Pay-per-View (PPV) entertainment systems
  • Local advertisement insertion
  • IP data insertion
  • Data broadcasting
  • Digital Video over IP (DVIP)


  • Standard MPEG-2
  • Transport stream compliant interface for PCI bus based servers and systems
  • Concurrently transmits and receives
  • Supports bit-rates of over 180 Mbps
  • On-board transport stream
  • Input/output and multiplexing to cost-effectively eliminate host-based stream processing
  • Multi-board support
  • Award winning MediaSplice
  • Technology for seamless insertion of content into MPEG-2 transport streams

MediaPump is a family of open system MPEG-2 transport stream platforms especially suited to connecting high-speed synchronous MPEG-2 multi-program interfaces to PCI bus based open system platforms.

Hardware Options

MPEG-2 to PCI Gateway
By connecting PCI based servers directly to a broad array of MPEG-2 multiplexer, encoding and transmission equipment, MediaPump serves as a gateway for integrating end-to-end digital broadcast systems. MediaPump is designed for supporting MPEG-2 server applications, and has been successfully deployed in Ad insertion, Pay-per-View and other DVB to IP applications.

Supports Professional Interfaces
MediaPump supports a wide range of vendor specific proprietary and DVB compliant interfaces, including most parallel serial interfaces used within the MPEG-2 digital media marketplace. It offers a full range of input/output MPEG-2 transport streams, multiplexing and splicing functionality. MediaPump splices and multiplexes MPEG-2 single program transport streams on-board in real time, into a multi-program transport stream. The ability to install multiple boards in the same server together with on board processing allows MediaPump to scale well with the needs of intensive applications.

Available Configurations

  • MediaPump DVB-ASI, 3 output, 533-31
    MediaPump with three DVB ASI outputs and one DVB ASI input.
  • MediaPump DVB-ASI, 1 output, 533-11GL
    MediaPump with one DVB ASI output and one DVB ASI input, with Genlock capabilities.
  • MediaPump DVB-ASI, 1 output, 533-11
    MediaPump with one DVB ASI output and one DVB ASI input.
  • MediaPump DVB-ASI, 4 input MP533-04
    MediaPump with four DVB ASI inputs.
  • MediaPump DVB-ASI, 4 output, 533-40
    MediaPump with four DVB ASI outputs.

Available Software

MediaPump SDK
MediaPump is designed for easy integration with customer applications. A comprehensive MediaPump software development kit provides device drivers for industry standard server platforms, a range of MPEG-2 stream processing services, plus a uniform and easy to use programmer's interface for controlling the receipt, transmission, and formatting of high-speed MPEG-2 streams. The SDK is designed to make integration efforts into MPEG-2 digital media applications simple and straightforward.

Technical Specifications

The following specifications refer to the MediaPump 533-31 which has three DVB ASI outputs and one DVB ASI input.

  • Standards Compliance
    + DVB-ASI supported DVB standards
  • Input/Output Signal
    Channels + 4 channels
    Inputs + 1 ASI input; external BNC connector
    Outputs + 3 ASI outputs; external BNC connectors
    Fixed Clock Rate + 27 MHz
  • Performance
    Transport Mode Throughput + Full duplex throughput up to 212 Mbps/channel (full DVB payload rate)
    Total Demultiplex Throughput + Aggregate board throughput up to 310 Mbps
    Total Multiplex Throughput + Aggregate board throughput up to 3 channels x 110 Mbps/channel
  • Hardware Function
    • PCI Single Universal Board (5V and 3.3V tolerant)
    • MPEG-2 DVB-ASI to PCI Open System Interface
  • PCI Interface
    • PCI 2.2 compliant
    • 32/64 bit
    • 33/66 MHz
  • Embedded Memory
    • 256 MB
  • Typical Power Consumption
    • Total power consumption ~ 15.5 W
    • 15.5 W @ + 5 VDC
    • 0 W @ + 3.3 VDC
    • 0.1 W @ + 12 VDC
    • 0.1 W @ -12 VDC
  • Physical Size
    • Single slot PCI board: 313.78 mm x 100.33 mm, 12.36 in x 3.95 in
  • Storage Temperature
    • -55 - 125 degrees C
  • Operating Temperature
    • 0 - 55 degrees C
  • Supported Operating Systems
    • Microsoft Windows NT and 2000
    • RedHat Linux
    • Sun Solaris
    • Compaq Tru-64 Unix
    • SGI Irix
  • Software and notes
    • Comprehensive API SDK is available separately


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