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MPEG 2 HD Encoder: MovieMaker HD - MPEG 2 HD Encoder

MPEG 2 HD Encoder: MovieMaker HD - MPEG 2 HD Encoder



Technical Specifications

PDF Datasheet

“The Optibase streaming platform opened a window of opportunities. Using the MGW 2000e we are able to deliver two live channels at broadcast quality, without having to lease two satellite links. The savings is substantial and the quality is uncompromised. We have searched long and hard for such a platform and Optibase provided an unparalleled cost- performance solution.”

Efi Dilmoni, vice president of technologies, Channel 10.

MovieMaker HD - MPEG 2 HD Encoder

The MovieMaker HD is an MPEG-2 hardware-based, broadcast-quality PCI encoder. It supports both HD and SD resolutions, comes with a comprehensive encoding application or a full-featured SDK, and offers instant feedback with decode while encoding.


Using MPEG Composer, Optibase's encoding application, you can create professional HD content for video on demand (VOD), broadcasting and digital signage. The powerful SDK gives you all you need to develop unique applications such as ingest solutions, high-resolution military simulations/sureveillance or the ability to review medical procedures.

Packing Powerful HD Processing

The MovieMaker HD hardware-based encoder supports both high definition and standard definition video input, with MPEG-2 HD compression support at up to 150Mbps. Using AES3 inputs, it provides up to 2 stereo pairs of Dolby Digital ™ stereo, MPEG-1 L2, Dolby 5.1 pass-through and PCM audio. The board is designed to take input from a number of sources and drop the created files to a host as either compressed or uncompressed data.

Easy to use Encoding Application

For ease of use and full control over encoding, the MovieMaker HD comes bundled with the MPEG Composer, Optibase’s encoding management application, that includes integrated device control, parameter setting, and encode-status monitoring. Users can start creating content immediately for any type of application, including: ingest, DVD creation, VOD upload or show dailies.


Developer Tools and Services

The MovieMaker HD is ideal for vendors and integrators who are interested in building HD video servers and applications for broadcasting, video-on-demand (VOD), ad insertion, program initiation, high-resolution military simulation or surveillance products and projects. To facilitate the development and customization of HD solutions, the MovieMaker HD comes with an extensive, well-known software developer toolkit (SDK). Optibase’s Professional Services team is available for the development and customization of any project.


  • Real-time, hardware, broadcast-quality HD encoding on your PC
  • Offers pristine video with high quality 4:2:2 encoding
  • MPEG Composer, a fully integrated control application, uses the same familiar interface as our MPEG MovieMaker 200
  • Full, feature-rich SDK shares the same APIs as our existing MPEG MovieMaker 200
  • Decode-while-Encode offers instant feedback (available with Optibase’s VideoPlex HD decoder)
  • Support for multiple audio encoding lets you encode multiple language tracks
  • Encode the full project using batch encoding
  • Professional and accurate tape deck control allows you to import your material and encode in just one step
  • Built to handle all of your MPEG-2 encoding needs by supporting HD and SD resolutions




  • PCI-x/PCI board – Single Universal Board
  • Video Input: HD/SD-SDI
  • Video Preview: HD/SD-SDI
  • Video Compression:
  • High Definition
    • 150 Mbit/s MPEG-2 HD 422P @ HL 4:2:2*
    • 80 Mbit/s MPEG-2 HD MP @ HL 4:2:0
    • 60 Mbit/s MPEG-2 HD MP @ H14L 4:2:0
  • Standard Definition
    • 50 Mbit/s MPEG-2 SD 422P@ ML 4:2:2*
    • 15 Mbit/s MPEG-2 SD MP @ ML, SP @ ML 4:2:0


  • Audio Input:

  • 4 stereo pairs AES3

  • Embedded audio through SDI

  • Audio Preview: 1 stereo pair BNC (ability to select channel)

  • Audio Format:

  • 2 encoded streams of MPEG1-L2, Dolby Digital stereo*

  • 4 stereo channels of PCM, Dolby Digital 5.1 Pass-through*

  • Output formats: transport (including Cable Labs VOD and DVB), elementary, program

Technical Specifications


  • Input/Output Signal

    Video Inputs

    • SMPTE 292 HD-SDI
    • SMPTE 259 SD-SDI and ITU-R BT.656-4
    • 75W BNC


  • Audio Inputs
    • 4 x AES3 (AES-EBU)
    • Unbalanced coaxial cable - AES-3id
    • Balanced XLR connector - AES3
    • Bits per sample: 8, 16
    • Sampling Frequency: 32, 44.1, 48 kHz

  • Video Preview Output
    • SMPTE 292 HD-SDI
    • SMPTE 259 SD-SDI and ITU-R BT.656-4
    • 75W BNC

  • Audio Preview Output
    • 1 x AES3 (AES-EBU) - Unbalanced coaxial cable - AES-3id

  • Output Streams
    • Video Bit Rates
      • HD
        •150 Mbit/s MPEG-2 HD MP@HL 4:2:2*
        •80 Mbit/s MPEG-2 HD MP@HL 4:2:0
        •60 Mbit/s MPEG-2 HD MP@H14L
      • SD
        •50 Mbit/s MPEG-2 SD 422P@ML 4:2:2*
        •15 Mbit/s MPEG-2 SD MP@ML,SP@ML 4:2:0
    • Video Resolutions
      • HD
        •1080i x 1920/1440/1280 @60i,59.94i,50i,24p,23.98p,24pSF
        •720p x 1280 @60p,59.94p,50p
      • SD
        •480 x 720/544/528/480/352 @59.94i
        •576 x 720/704/544/480/352 @50i

    • Audio Formats
      • 2 stereo pairs (MPEG-1 Layer 2,Dolby®Digital*)
      • 4 stereo pairs (Linear PCM,Dolby®5.1 Pass Through*)

    • Audio Bit Rates
      • 32 –384 Kbit/s MPEG-1
      • 96 –640 Kbit/s Dolby®Digital

    • File Format
      • Audio and/or Video Elementary
      • Transport
      • Program
    • Audio Mode
      • MPEG-1 Layer 2 (Mono,Dual Mono,Stereo,Intensity Stereo)
      • Dolby Digital Stereo (Stereo,Mono-central)
      • Dolby Digital Stereo®5.1 Pass Through
      • Linear PCM 16/8 bit


  • Hardware
    • Type and Compliance
      • PCI-X/PCI Single Universal Board
      • PCI-X 2.0a mode 1 compliant,PCI 3.0 compliant
      • 64 bit or 32 bit
      • 133 MHz (PCI-X)down to 33MHz (PCI)
      • 5V &3.3V bus compliant
    • Power Consumption
      • 15.0 W @3.3 VDC,0.6 W @5 VDC

    • Physical Size
      • Single slot full size PCI board
    *Specific models


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