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MPEG 1 Encoder: MPEG MovieMaker 200S - MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Encoding Platforms

MPEG MovieMaker 200S - MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Encoding Platforms



Technical Specifications

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CCTV had strict requirements regarding security and reliability. The system needed to be highly reliable, maintain broadcast stability, and offer 24x7 availability. We found Optibase solutions, from encoders to open system DVB-ASI MPEG-2 transport stream platforms, the best solutions to deliver this type of robustness and superb video quality.”


Ray Huang, president of Caton Technology

MPEG MovieMaker 200S - MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Encoding Platforms

MPEG MovieMaker 100S is a powerful, half-size PCI MPEG-1 encoder with features that fit all your digital video needs. MPEG MovieMaker 100S encoders are ideal for TV over IP streaming solutions, surveillance, asset management, distance learning and content creation applications.


MPEG MovieMaker 100S has outstanding features which set this encoding board apart. It encodes System, Program and Transport streams allowing developers to integrate digital video into transmission applications. Multi-channel support saves installation and administration overhead by letting you install several MPEG-1 encoding boards in a single computer. These features make the MPEG MovieMaker 100S the preferred choice for IP and ATM-based video transmission applications where stability, quality and synchronization are crucial.


MPEG MovieMaker 100S encoding boards benefit from Optibase's extensive experience in MPEG technology. Unique SmartMux technology allows the creation of low bit-rate MPEG-1 QSIF streams. SmartMux encoding creates smooth audio and video streams by overcoming the jerky motion of low bit rate frame sampling. Improved quality at low bit rates lets you optimize transmission by using bandwidth more efficiently.


MPEG MovieMaker 100S boards come bundled with the MPEG Composer, Optibase's encoding management application, which allows you to start creating digital video right away and test encoding hardware. They support Windows 2000 and Windows NT.


  • Business TV
  • Video Surveillance and Monitoring
  • Content Creation
  • Distance Learning
  • Asset Management
  • Corporate Training


  • MPEG-1 video in QSIF and SIF resolutions
  • MPEG-1 audio
  • Multiplexed System, Program and Transport streams
  • Multi-channel support

Additional Software Packages

MPEG MovieMaker 100S boards are designed for use with the optional MPEG ComMotion Pro, Optibase's video streaming software solution. When controlled by MPEG ComMotion Pro, MPEG MovieMaker 100S boards become a sophisticated video streaming package that enables the transmission of video over digital networks, from IP multicasting over LAN and Intranets to DSL and fiber networks. MPEG ComMotion tools include transmission and receiver server platforms as well as ActiveX development tools that jump-start the development needed to set up streaming applications.
More about MPEG ComMotion Pro.

For Application Developers and System Integrators: ProgressionT

Developers who want to develop digital video-based applications can subscribe to Progression, Optibase's developers support program, and benefit from direct support from Optibase's team of support engineers.


Optibase's C++ and Linux Software Development Kits offer a multi-feature cross platform scalable development environment for digital video applications based on Optibase MPEG encoder and decoder boards. The same SDK can control a low cost encoder or high-end encoder running on identical code.
Download RTE and RTD SDK for C++
Download RTE and RTD SDK for Linux

Technical Specifications

  • MPEG MovieMaker 100S Xpress
  • MPEG MovieMaker 100S Plus


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