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Composer: MPEG Composer 200 - Encoding Management Software


MPEG Composer 200 - Encoding Management Software

MPEG Composer 200 is a DVB compliant encoding management application that runs on top of Optibase's encoding platforms, giving you total control over the MPEG encoding process. MPEG Composer 200 lets you compress video content into MPEG digital video formats for storage and broadcasting and for later viewing on video kiosks, video servers, DVD, SuperVCD, CD-ROM and Video CD.


MPEG Composer 200 enables Optibase’s range of MPEG MovieMaker 100S and 200S encoding boards as well as several of Optibase’ s VideoPlex decoders. Together, this package enables powerful encoding features such as real-time variable bit-rate encoding, Dolby Digital audio encoding and inverse telecine. MPEG Composer 200 includes MPEG Organizer, a sophisticated batch encoding tool, Device Control and pre-figured consoles for DVD and SuperVCD stream creation.


  • For Video-On-Demand:
    • 528x480 resolution
    • Multi option video frame alignment
    • Random access indicator
    • Language indicator
  • Compliant with Sony NSP-100 network player
  • Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Certification
  • Transcoding of EIA 608 closed captions to EIA708
  • Horizontal and vertical image cropping
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 multiplexing From File
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Pass Through

A Wide Range of Tools

MPEG Composer 200 packs powerful tools that cover all aspects of the encoding process. MPEG Composer 200's central control panel puts you within easy reach of all the tools needed to carry out encoding sessions. It offers preset or detailed encoding modes that vary the amount of control you have over the encoding process. Precisely calibrated factory settings allow users who want to do quick and professional encoding to set video and audio quality, file format and content type all from one window. Technical users can choose the detailed mode to fine-tune their digital video streams for hand-crafted MPEG files.


With MPEG Composer 200's decode-while-encode feature, you can save time drastically by monitoring the quality of your encoded stream as it is being encoded. In addition, MPEG Composer 200 has a Diagnostics Utility that lets you easily keep track of your hardware's performance.

Frame Accurate Encoding

MPEG Composer 200's Device Control panel works together with the central encoding panel and MPEG Organizer™ to set frame-accurate start and stop points for exact and precise encoding. MPEG Composer 200's user-oriented interface lets you browse through your video source and set Start and Stop points as soon as you reach the desired frame. It then adjusts and displays the exact duration of the encoded stream.

Professional Batch Encoding

MPEG Organizer is a professional batch-encoding tool that lets you set global encoding parameters for numerous files. It keeps track of important file information including user comments, bit rate, input device and movie length, so you have all the information you need at a glance. MPEG Organizer lets you optimize your production facility for 24-hour-a-day efficiency: Prepare complex batch-encoding sessions ahead of time, then run them after-hours when your system is free for heavy-duty performance. MPEG Organizer can play back complex play lists that contain numerous files and multiplex video elementary streams into Program and Transport streams.


Instant Playback

MPEG Composer 200's Player supports several Optibase decoding boards as well as software playback applications. It can play back entire files or frame-accurate clips.


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