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All-In-One Realtime Digital Video/Audio/Grahics/Effects Mixer and Dual M-JPEG Codec

Matrox® DigiSuite LET is a highly-integrated, single-slot PCI controller that combines analog video and audio I/O, two Motion-JPEG codecs, and realtime A/B roll digital video mixing with 2D DVE, 32-bit graphics, digital audio processing and an optional SDI I/O module.

A comprehensive Windows NT® DirectShowT-based SDK (compatible with DigiSuite®) enables OEMs and developers to create a wide variety of cost-effective, high-performance audio/video products and applications including: NLE systems, digital disk recorders, VOD/NVOD systems, multilayer compositors, CATV barker channels, commercial insertion systems, time delay systems, instant replay systems, animation workstations, digital video archiving and retrieval systems, character generators, and graphics/paint systems.

Product Features


  • Analog component, Y/C and composite video I/O
  • Optional SDI I/O module
  • ITU-R 601 NTSC and PAL resolution, 60/50 fields/sec
  • D1-quality YUV 4:2:2 digital video processing
  • Infinite window TBC
  • Linear key output
  • Ultra high-speed 32-bit RGB-alpha frame buffer
  • Two 2D DVE processors
  • Multi-layer realtime digital video mixer
  • Alpha channel keyer Two chroma/luminance keyers
  • Two wipe/tile generators
  • Seven color generators
  • All edges anti-aliased and filtered to eliminate ringing
  • Two simultaneous channels of Motion
  • JPEG video
  • Programmable compression ratio from preview-quality to visually lossless D1-quality
  • On-board DRAM memory buffer
  • Four analog balanced audio inputs and outputs
  • Audio sampling rate up to 48 KHz locked to video reference
  • 32-bit digital audio processing

In a single PCI slot!

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