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Dual Channel Motion-JPEG Codec/Digital Audio Mixer/Ultra Wide SCSI Controller

Matrox® DigiMotionT is a powerful dual-channel Motion-JPEG codec, digital audio mixer, and SCSI controller card that comes with all the necessary software tools to enable OEMs and developers to create a wide variety of high-performance video products and applications including: nonlinear editing systems, digital disk recorders, virtual VTRs, video-on-demand servers (VOD), near-video-on-demand servers (NVOD), Motion-JPEG to MPEG transcoders, instant replay systems, time delay systems, digital animation recorders, and visual effects compositing systems.

Matrox DigiMotion is part of the Matrox DigiSuite® family, which includes the Matrox DigiMixT multi layer digital video/graphics mixer and 2D DVE unit, and the Matrox DigiVidT multi-channel analog video input/output interface/RS-422 controller.

Third-party DigiMotion compatible products include a 3D-DVE unit, and a Serial Digital (SDI) input/output interface.

A full-length, single-slot PCI card, DigiMotion takes full advantage of the speed of the PCI bus (132 MB/sec. - zero wait state transfers) and its "plug and play" capability for easy installation into any PC. The combination of two Motion-JPEG video codecs, SCSI controller and audio all on one card saves PCI slots. In addition, Matrox's proven ASIC and PCB design expertise ensures a highly reliable product with minimum component count. The high level of integration in DigiMotion ensures a very cost-effective product. An over-the-top digital audio/video expansion connector, based on the open standard Movie-2® bus, offers many possible expansion options.

Product Features

  • Uncompressed video quality mode.
  • Two simultaneous channels of Motion-JPEG video.
  • Programmable compression ratio from preview quality to mathematically lossless D1 quality.
  • ITU-R 601 NTSC and PAL resolution, 60/50 fields/sec.
  • Onboard DRAM memory buffers.
  • Onboard Ultra Wide SCSI controller.
  • Unified storage architecture.
  • Four balanced analog audio inputs and outputs.
  • Four serial digital audio inputs and outputs.
  • Audio sampling rate up to 48 kHz locked to video reference.
  • 32-bit DSP for realtime multi track digital audio processing.

In a single PCI slot!

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