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Dual Desktop Controller with Multiple Video-in-a-Window Display
Matrox DigiDesktop
Matrox® DigiDesktopT is a highly-integrated, single-slot PCI controller that provides a dual-screen high-resolution Windows NT® desktop with multiple video-in-a-window displays.

Designed for the particular needs of nonlinear editing system developers, DigiDesktop offers plenty of high-performance desktop workspace for multiple timelines, icon-based shot lists, and editing windows.

DigiDesktop also provides a cost-effective console display for event sequencing or scheduling systems and security monitoring applications.

Product Features

  • Two graphics display controllers with independent noninterlaced output
  • Based on award-winning Matrox MGA Millennium technology
  • Dual-screen Windows NT desktop
  • Ultra-high resolution up to 1600 ×1200 × 24 bits (3200 ×1200 desktop)
  • Up to four simultaneous video windows
  • Gamma correction ensures accurate color match between VGA and video monitors
  • Two independent YUV 4:2:2 video decoders Multiple digital video input sources over the Movie-2 bus
  • Optional TriMedia Module for realtime image DIB transfers from Movie-2 bus video boards to system memory
  • PCI mezzanine connector supports daughter-card expandability in a Single PCI slot!

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