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Adobe GoLive 5 - $284

Intuitive Visual Design With Powerful Programming Capabilities For Creating Engaging and Dynamic Web

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With more than 100 new features, Adobe® GoLive® 5.0 is the ultimate Web authoring and site-management tool for creative professionals worldwide. Keep your code clean and lean with 360CodeT feature; visually design dynamically generated Web pages with Dynamic Link for ASP; and enjoy seamless integration with Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Adobe GoLiveIllustrator®, and Adobe LiveMotionT. Move from creative concepts to dynamic, high-impact Web sites with the power of the industry's most comprehensive and integrated Web application.

Superb vector support Adobe® Photoshop® 6.0 provides integrated tools for creating and outputting crisp, editable vector shapes and text. With these new tools, you can incorporate resolution-independent, vector-based graphics and type into pixel-based /images to achieve an unparalleled range of design effects. The new rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, polygon, and line tools let you create a wide variety of vector-based shapes. These tools can be used to create shape layers. Like Adobe Illustrator®, Photoshop 6.0 provides pathfinder operations - Add, Subtract, Restrict, and Invert - for quickly combining basic vector shapes into complex shapes. With Photoshop 6.0, you can easily combine crisp, resolution-independent type with pixel-based /images, and then output sharp type edges with your image to produce high-quality results. What's more, Photoshop includes extensive new type formatting controls to help you produce the best-looking text possible, including the new type-warping that lets you twist and pull type to produce cool effects. Best of all, the type remains directly editable in the image no matter how you manipulate it.


Product Features

WYSIWYG Cascading Style Sheets

  • Create and edit style sheets.
  • Create and control floating layers.
  • Control the layout mode to match different browsers.


Easy-to-use dynamic HTML

  • Easily control ready-to-use JavaScript Actions.
  • Create your own Actions.
  • Create and control animations with a Timeline Editor.


Layout and design

  • (NEW) Tightly integrated with your other favorite Adobe applications including Photoshop, LiveMotion, and Illustrator.
  • Precisely place objects using a layout grid, boxes, and rulers.
  • Create, place, and change master objects on pages throughout a site.
  • Visually create and lay out tables.
  • Import tab-delimited ASCII text into tables.
  • Create HTML 4.0 Web-based forms.
  • Select from a wide range of color palettes, including Web-safe colors.


HTML native file format

  • Share files with others using any HTML authoring tool or text editor - on any type of computer.


Professional source code editing

  • View and write HTML source code.
  • (NEW) 360CodeT ensures integrity of all code including HTML, JavaScript, ASP, XML, and others.
  • Automatically check HTML syntax, including compatibility with different browsers.
  • Switch quickly between layout and source modes for tracking individual page elements.
  • Go to HTML by line number.
  • Write HTML code snippets.
  • Create JavaScripts using the integrated ExtendScript editor with color syntax checking.

Advanced site management and visual site creation

  • Design, create, edit, and view an entire site or import existing sites.
  • Visually check and repair broken links.
  • Automatically generate sites from templates and master pages.
  • Easily upload or download individual Web pages or an entire Web site via FTP.
  • Display estimated download times for a Web page.
  • (NEW) Site Builder for fast prototyping and information flow-charting.
  • (NEW) WebDAV functionality allows users to have secure workgroup functionality.
  • (NEW) Powerful and flexible views to represent site data with multiple panes for multiple views.
  • (NEW) Powerful Site Report features for Web site reporting. Unprecedented flexibility
  • Save user-defined elements on a palette, then easily drag and drop them into your designs.
  • Automatically save user-selected or defined colors for a site.
  • Save user-defined font sets for a site. CUTTING-EDGE WEB PRODUCTION Dynamic content creation
  • (NEW) Dynamic Link: Create dynamic Web sites that connect to ODBC-compliant databases.
  • Support for WebObjects.
  • (NEW) Complete support for W3C standards including SVG, and XML.
  • (NEW) Support for rich-media technologies including Flash (.swf) and Real Networks G2.
  • Enhanced Interactive Editor includes support for Streaming QuickTime, media paste board, and unified layout grid.
System Requirements

Windows System Requirements

  • Intel® Pentium® 200 MHz or faster processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98, Windows NT® 4.0 (or later) with Service Pack 3, or Windows 2000 operating system
  • 48 MB of available RAM for Windows 98*
  • 64 MB of available RAM for Windows NT 4.0 *
  • 50 MB of available hard-disk space
  • CD-ROM drive


Macintosh System Requirements

  • PowerPC® processor
  • Mac OS software version 8.6 or 9.0
  • 48 MB of available RAM *
  • 70 MB of available hard-disk space
  • CD-ROM drive

    *RAM requirements based on all modules being active.
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