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Create your own HDTV cable channel and broadcast VGA or HD Video using coax wiring


HD SD - High quality HD-SDI to DVI-I converter with audio de-embedder
High quality HD-SDI to DVI-I converter with audio de-embedder

Bluething Datasheet

blueThing is a compact multi-standard SD/HD-SDI to DVI-I converter designed to meet the increasing demand for HD/SDSDI monitoring. blueThing enables HD-SDI or SD-SDI signals to be viewed using practically any LCD, plasma or projector display, and also features an audio de-embedder with AES/S-PDIF digital, line analogue, and headphone audio outputs for audio monitoring.        


  • SD/HD-SDI to DVI-I converter for projector, LCD & plasma displays
  • Accepts 525/625 line SD-SDI
  • Accepts 20p/1080i/1080p/1080PsF HD-SDI
  • Broadcast based filters for superior image detail
  • Proprietary frame rate conversion for superior image motion
  • De-interlacing and up/down scaling
  • Support for anamorphic SD-SDI inputs
  • Auto image sizing for widescreen and standard monitors
  • Auto scaling to monitor’s native resolution
  • Proc-amp, gamma and colour matrix controls
  • DVI-D, Analogue RGB or HDMI output
  • Analogue RGB and HDMI outputs via optional adaptors
  • Audio de-embed to AES/SPDIF, line and headphone outputs
  • Audio group, pair and output level controls
  • Colour temperature control in 100 K steps between 4,500 and
    9,500 K
  • Remote control via web browser using Ethernet interface
  • Local control via on screen display
  • Safe area marker insertion
  • Test pattern generator


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