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Create your own HDTV cable channel and broadcast VGA or HD Video using coax wiring


ZvPro® 250   ZvBox 170   ZvBox® 150
PCIe & PCI 32
SD Capture Solutions with Serious Bite
3D Editors, Compositors and Animators
Unsurpassed quality
hardware scaling & extreme
workflow flexibility.

Technical Info

Technical Info

Technical Info

Standard Definition - Windows & Mac OS X, With credentials proven at the top end of the market, and now more affordable than ever, Bluefish444 ’s multi-platform, multi-application solutions are still the staple tool for anyone serious about Digital Post or Broadcast Graphics.

Create caters perfectly for the specific needs of modern video and graphics artists in Post Production and Broadcast Graphics. Small or Large! Whether you’re in Editing/Compositing/Animation, Film & Drama Production, Corporate Event Videography or custom development, creating at the highest quality is within reach of every professional!

Epoch video cards are our next generation, flagship High Definition and true 2K resolution capture and playback solution. The dual link, multi channel Epoch|2K range offer the best way to bring true film quality to the desktop and are the perfect choice for the demanding DI market.

High quality HD-SDI to DVI-I converter with audio de-embedder

Technical Info

blueThing is a compact multi-standard SD/HD-SDI to DVI-I converter designed to meet the increasing demand for HD/SDSDI monitoring. blueThing enables HD-SDI or SD-SDI signals to be viewed using practically any LCD, plasma or projector display, and also features an audio de-embedder with AES/S-PDIF digital, line analogue, and headphone audio outputs for audio monitoring.        


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