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BrightEye 92-M HD Downconverter

BrightEye 92-M HD Downconverter
BrightEye 92-M Front

BrightEye 92-M HD Downconverter
BrightEye 92-M Rear

  • Downconversion for monitoring or broadcast
  • SD Digital and Analog Composite Video Outputs
  • Analog Audio Monitor Output
  • HDMI Output for Monitoring
  • Frame Sync
  • 12 and 16 bit processing


Download Datasheet

BrightEye 92-M will downconvert any type of HD signal and provides both an SD SDI output and an analog composite output that are suitable for broadcast or monitoring. The built-in Frame Synchronizer allows you to feed asynchronous signals to the BrightEye 92-M. An external reference input allows genlock to a house reference.



All vertical interval data and closed captioning is faithfully passed. Sixteen channels of embedded audio are supported. If the incoming video has embedded audio, the audio will be safely bypassed around the video processing and lipsync will be preserved.



Audio monitoring is easy with BrightEye 92-M’s convenient 3.5mm mini jack. Just select the audio channels you want to monitor from the front panel and plug in a headset.



The HDMI connector on the rear of the unit provides a future proof monitoring interface. Plug it into most LCD monitors for confidence monitoring of your feed.



Input selection, gain control, and test pattern controls are provided through the front panel interface. Audio presence LEDs indicate which channels are detected. Controls for crop, letterbox and pillarbox are accessed from the front panel or BrightEye Mac or PC software.


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