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TLS-8000 Tape Library Systems for LTO Ultrium Drives

TLS-8000 Tape Library Systems for LTO Ultrium Drives

Qualstar's TLS-8000 Series offers superior performance and value for LTO Ultrium tape users. With capacities from 1.1 TB to over 52 TB, the TLS-8000 Series economically and reliably automates tape-based applications, whether backing up a single server or as an integral part of an enterprise-wide storage management solution.


The TLS-8000 family comprises 7 models, providing a broad range of cost-effective solutions. Housing one to eight LTO Ultrium technology tape drives and up to 264 tapes, TLS-8000 multi-drive library models readily support concurrent reading and writing at data transfer rates exceeding 800 Gigabytes per hour to meet the throughput needs of today's rapidly-growing networks. The SANSmartSM Fibre Channel Option supports LAN-free and serverless backup using the latest 1Gb or 2Gb SAN technologies. Support for multiple SCSI busses is also built-in to maximize throughput in direct-attach architectures.

All TLS-Series libraries are available with Q-Link, Qualstar's web browser accessed remote library manager that enables administrators to configure, upgrade, and monitor any TLS-Series tape library via a company intranet or over the internet from anywhere in the world. Q-Link extends the library's comprehensive front panel menu system and adds additional functionality such as automatic e-mail notification based on rules set by the administrator, and firmware updates can be implemented remotely.

Developed for the RLS-Series libraries, VIOP is now incorporated in every TLS model. An exclusive Qualstar design feature, VIOP, Variable I/O Port, allows users to match the number of I/O slots to their operational requirements. Applications are not constrained by limits imposed by libraries with a fixed number of I/O slots. Users can assign the number of slots to best match their requirements. VIOP complements the hardware I/O Ports which continue to be included or available in all models.

The TLS-8000 Series also offers advanced features such as Logical Library, barcode scanning of tape cartridges, and an I/O Port is included in several models for importing and exporting individual tapes under application control.

Qualstar is known worldwide for quality and reliability. All electrical and mechanical adjustments have been eliminated for easy installation and enhanced reliability. Tape drive reliability is improved by providing individual fans for each Ultrium drive to insure proper cooling. Filtered, positive air pressure is maintained throughout the library to reduce contamination.

Providing built-in capacity and performance growth is a hallmark of all Qualstar TLS-Series automation families. All drive bays are pre-wired: users can easily install additional tape drives for increased throughput. Field upgrade kits are also available to double the tape capacity of some models.

Founded in 1984, Qualstar has been designing and manufacturing tape automation products since 1994. Offering 30 models for AIT, DLT and LTO Ultrium formats, our TLS-Series families consistently set industry standards for quality, performance and value.

High throughput; supports concurrent read and write
Web browser based remote library manager
Common format throughout the enterprise
No special tools or procedures
Easy, fast installation
Fast media inventory
Application controls tape inventory.
Application controls tape inventory.
Bulk Tape import/export
Reduces contamination, protects media
Enhanced drive reliability
Exceptional reliability

Standard Features


  • Up to eight LTO Ultrium Tape Drives
  • Q-Link
  • VIOP
  • I/O Port
  • Wide capacity range
  • Automatic alignment
  • No electrical or mechanical adjustments
  • Barcode scanner
  • Positive-pressure, filtered air system
  • Individual drive cooling fans
  • Brushless motors


Additional Features:


  • Individual Fans for Each Tape Drive
  • Positive Filtered Air Pressure
  • All Leadscrew Driven
  • Self-calibrating, Digital Servo Control System
  • Lockable Front Door for Media Security
  • Inventory Sentry Minimizes Offline Time

Menu Control System:
  • 80-Character, Back-lit Display
  • Easy Setup, Configuration and Operation and Diagnostics
  • Built-in Emulations
  • Host-controlled Security Lockout
  • Downloadable Firmware Update

General Specifications:
  • Interface: LVD/SE SCSI
  • Voltage: 100-120, 220-240 VAC
  • Frequency: 48-62 Hz
  • MEBF: > 1,000,000 Exchanges
  • MTTR: < 30 minutes
  • Warranty: 3 Years

  • Q-Link Remote Library Manager
  • Fibre Channel Interface Option
  • Rack Mount Assemblies (option n/a 8111)
  • Barcode Reader (models 8111, 8211, 8222)
  • Field Expansion Kits
  • On-site Service
  • Extended Warranty

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