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TLS-5000 SAIT Tape Library Systems for AIT Tape Drives

The TLS-5000 Series is the first family of Automated Tape Libraries using Sony's new SAIT (SuperAIT) tape drive technology to deliver ultra-dense enterprise class backup and near online data storage solutions.

  • 16 Terabytes to over 340 Terabytes
  • Up to 45 Terabytes per Square Foot

  • Lowest Cost-per-Terabyte for Backup

  • Worldwide Remote Management via Q-Link

  • Simply Reliable Patented Robotic Design


The SAIT-1 tape drive is the result of combining the best features of Sony's widely used AIT recording technology with the increased media area afforded by the -inch tape format. In Qualstar's advanced robotic design, SAIT yields industry-leading capacity, storage density, performance and reliability.

Standard Features

TLS-5000 SAIT Tape Library Systems for AIT Tape Drives

  • Widest capacity range
  • Up to eight, SAIT-1 tape drives
  • Q-Link
  • VIOP
  • I/O Port
  • WORM tape option (pending)
  • Automatic alignment
  • No electrical or mechanical adjustments
  • Barcode scanner
  • Positive-pressure, filtered air system
  • Brushless motors


Seamless, Transparent Integration

  • Concurrent data transfer by up to eight SAIT-1 drives provides high data rates
  • SANSmartFibre Channel technology and multiple SCSI busses speed integration
  • Supported by all leading backup and storage management applications
  • Installation and support by leading VARs and Integrators, worldwide
  • Extremely low cost per terabyte

SAIT-1 High Performance

  • Up to 340 terabytes capacity
  • Data transfer rates exceeding 2.2 terabytes per hour
  • Four TLS-5000 SAIT models
  • Individual models house up to eight tape drives
  • Storage densities up to 45 terabytes per square foot

Expandability Protects ROI

  • Upgrade kits for two models available to double number of tapes
  • Additional drives are easy and fast to install
  • Tape drives in plug-in cannisters with individual cooling fans enhance reliability
  • Easy user drive installation in less than one minute
  • Capacity expansion kits take less than one hour to install

Reliable, Intelligent Robotics

  • Patented mechanism with unique leadscrew-based robotics
  • Brushless motors and closed-loop servo control systems
  • Precise positioning and flawless media handling
  • Adjustments eliminated by sophisticated, adaptive 'smart logic' design
  • Filtered, positive air pressure to extend tape and head life

Powerful User Interface

  • Intuitive menu-driven control system provides easy-to-use installation
  • Configuration and operation information via the large LCD panel
  • Critical operating messages displayed with audible alarms signal immediate action
  • Q-Link browser-based remote library manager allows any library to be
    configured, monitored and managed from anywhere in the world

Advanced Cartridge Management And Security

  • Bar code scanning enhances throughput and controls the media inventory
  • Qualstar's exclusive VIOP, Variable I/O Port, allows user to set how many slots to
    commit to importing and exporting tapes, providing unmatched flexibility and control
  • Inventory Sentry senses whether the tapes or magazines have been moved when
    the door is opened. If not, operation is resumed without causing a time consuming

Sansmart and Logical Library

  • The SANSmart Fibre Channel Options support the latest 2Gb SAN and
    serverless backup applications
  • Logical Library is built into all TLS-5000 models to allow up to four servers
    to share a library, even if each server is running a separate application

TLS-5000 Delivers Value:
Common format throughout the enterprise
High throughput, concurrent read and write
Web browser based remote library manager
Application controls tape inventory, bulk tape import/export
Application controls tape inventory.
Lowest cost, unalterable storage.
No tools or procedures
Easy, fast installation
Better media inventory control
Reduces contamination, protects media
Exceptional reliability


Additional Features:


Engineered for Reliability

  • All brushless motors, no belts or pulleys
  • Self-calibrating, all-digital servo control system
  • Pre-wired tape drive mounting slots
  • Auto-aligning, no mechanical or electrical adjustments
  • Pressurized, filtered, forced air cooling with redundant fans
  • Over 1,000,000 MEBF Automated tape drive cleaning


Efficient Media Control

  • Bar code scanning of data cartridges
  • Key locked door with a large window VIOP
  • Variable I/O port for inserting and removing cartridges or magazines
  • Inventory Sentry minimizes offline time


Comprehensive User Interface

  • Q-Link remote library manager
  • Back-lighted 80 character display
  • Control panel menu system for easy installation, configuration, operation and maintenance



  • LVD/SE interface
  • Multiple SCSI bus connections supported
  • 2Gb SANSmart Fibre Channel Options
  • Logical Library dynamic partitioning
  • Simultaneous random and multi-sequential operating modes
  • Selectable recycling and dual-bin sequential modes

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