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TLS-4000 Tape Library Systems for AIT Tape Drives

TLS 4000 Tape Library Systems for AIT Tape Drives

TLS-4000 Series Tape Libraries combined with Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) tape drives provide unsurpassed performance, capacity and value for all unattended backup requirements. Developed by Sony, AIT has been adopted by OEMs and integrators worldwide for distributed database backup and archive, and video and image storage applications.


Twelve TLS-Series models provide scalable capacities from 400 gigabytes to over 156 terabytes. Advanced design utilizes proven robotic technologies for extremely reliable operation and years of trouble-free service. The TLS-Series incorporates small footprints and powerful menu-driven command and control functions for easy integration and very low cost-per-megabyte.

The TLS-4000 Series is now recognized as an exceptional tape library design. Designed for years of dependable operation, the latest models use the same unique leadscrew-based mechanism that established its reputation for outstanding reliability, and the same advanced servo controls for precise positioning and flawless media handling.


All TLS-Series libraries are available with Q-Link, Qualstar's web browser accessed remote library manager that enables administrators to configure, upgrade, and monitor any TLS-Series tape library via a company intranet or over the internet from anywhere in the world. Q-Link extends the library's comprehensive front panel menu system and adds additional functionality such as automatic e-mail notification based on rules set by the administrator, and firmware updates can be implemented remotely.


Developed for the RLS-Series libraries, VIOP is now incorporated in every TLS model. An exclusive Qualstar design feature, VIOP, Variable I/O Port, allows users to match the number of I/O slots to their operational requirements. Applications are not constrained by limits imposed by libraries with a fixed number of I/O slots. Users can assign the number of slots to best match their requirements. VIOP complements the hardware I/O Ports which continue to be included or available in all models.

TLS 4000 Tape Library Systems for AIT Tape Drives


Logical Library is built into every TLS-Series library. It allows up to four servers to share a single library, even if each server is running a separate application. Systems that you couldn't afford to upgrade can now be protected automatically. The SANSmart Fibre Channel Option supports LAN-free and serverless backup using the latest 2 Gigabit SAN technologies. Support for multiple SCSI busses is also built-in to maximize throughput in direct-attach architectures.


The TLS-4000 family now supports WORM (write once, read many) tape technology in every model. WORM data protection has long been the standard for document imaging applications where unalterable records are required. New federal government regulations make WORM tape equipped libraries the clear choice for low-cost financial record keeping, medical record storage and other applications requiring long term, secure archival retention.


All TLS-Series tape libraries support barcode scanning for efficient media control. Filtered, positive air pressure is maintained throughout the libraries to eliminate airborne contamination for longer tape and head life. Field upgrade kits are available to double the capacity of several models.


Complimenting the TLS-Series, AIT continues to lead the industry in tape technology. AIT-3 is now the leader in the mid-range tape market, storing 100 gigabytes (native) per tape at 12 MB/second. Sony recently announced extensions to the AIT roadmap through AIT-6, assuring that it will keep pace with exploding storage requirements.


Better by design, TLS + AIT offers enterprise managers the performance, capacity, and features needed to meet burgeoning storage needs now and for years to come.


Standard Features
TLS 4000 Tape Library Systems for AIT Tape Drives


  • Widest capacity range
  • Up to twelve, AIT tape drives
  • Q-Link
  • VIOP
  • I/O Port
  • WORM tape option
  • Automatic alignment
  • No special tools or procedures No electrical or mechanical adjustments
  • Barcode scanner
  • Positive-pressure, filtered air system
  • Brushless motors

Additional Features:
  • All Leadscrew-driven
  • All Tape Drive Mounting Slots Prewired
  • Self-calibrating, Digital Servo Control System
  • Lockable Front Door for Media Security
  • Inventory Sentry Minimizes Offline Time
  • VIOP: Variable I/O Port

Menu Control System:
  • 80-Character, Back-lit Display
  • Easy Setup, Configuration, Operation and Diagnostics
  • Built-in Emulations
  • Host-controlled Security Lockout
  • Downloadable Firmware Update

  • Q-Link Remote Library Manager
  • Fibre Channel Interface Option
  • Rack Mount Assemblies
  • WORM Tape (AIT-3)
  • Barcode Reader (4212, 4222, 4420)
  • Differential SCSI
  • Field Expansion Kits
  • On-site Service
  • I/O Port (4212, 4222)

General Specifications:
  • Interface: LVD/SE SCSI Interface
  • Ave. Exchange Time: 8 - 15 Seconds
  • Voltage: 100-120, 220-240 VAC
  • Frequency: 48-62 Hz
  • MEBF: > 1,000,000 Exchanges
  • MTTR: < 30 minutes
  • Warranty: 3 Years




AIT Tape Drive Specifications

Capacity Native 35GB 50GB 100GB
With ALDC Compression 91GB 130GB


Data Transfer Rate Native 3MB/sec. 6MB/sec. 12MB/sec.
With ALDC Compression 7.8MB/sec. 15MB/sec. 31.2MB/sec.
Interface SCSI-2 F/W/LVD LVD or HVD LVD
Tape Head Life >50,000 Hours
Media Life >30,000 Passes

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