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Optovalley Products : OVL-MC110BSx


10/100Mbps WDM Fast Ethernet Media Converter


The OPTOVALLEY's Ethernet Media Converter Series complies with IEEE802.3 Standards. The OVL-MC110BSx is designed to convert data signal between 10/100Base-Tx and 100Base-Fx fast Ethernet. The OVL-MC110BSx supports one 10/100Base-Tx port over CAT5 twisted pair cable and one 100Base-Fx interface to connection with optical fiber module to apply in 10/100Base-Tx to 100Base-Fx converter application. It is compact, cost-effective, low dissipative, high reliable and stable.


Standard Features

  • Including WDM Bi-directional transceiver using 1310nm/1550nm transmitting and receiving
    (x=3: 1310Tx/1550Rx , x=5:1550Tx/1310Rx)

  • ISO/IEC 8802.3, IEEE 802.3 and TIA/EIA-785 I including Auto-Negotiation on both twisted pair and fiber optics.

  • Low latency in 10Mbps path for applicable VOIP (Max. 100ns in Tx to Fx convert)

  • Support one RJ-45 for 10/100Base-Tx connection and one SC connector for 100Base-Fx connection

  • Support transmit, receive/link, full/half duplex LED

  • Plug and Play.

  • Easy installation



Standard Support 10Base-T, 100Base-Tx , 100Base-Fx and IEEE802.3 spec.

SC fiber connector using single mode / RJ-45 connector using UTP 100-ohm Cat. 5 Cable

Operating Temperature & Humidity : 0 ~ 50oC, 10 ~ 90%
External Power Supply

Input Rate : 100(220)V, 50 ~ 60 Hz

Output Rate : 3.3VDC, 1A(Option 5V)

EMI & Safety FCC Class A, CE
Package Demension 94*69.4*26(mm)

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