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IEEE 1394(FireWire) Card for High Speed Data Transmission


The OPTOVALLEY's OVK-1394EN is a highspeed serial data transfer protocol and interconnection system that is commonly used to transfer digital video to and from personal computers. OVK-1394EN is designed for IEEE 1394 Standard and has a one chip solution to make compact design, cost-effective, high reliable and stable.


Standard Features

  • Compliant with IEEE Std 1394a-2000 and 1394 OHCI specification release 1.1 : FireWire(Apple), i.Link(Sony)

  • Modular 32-bit host interface compliant to PCI specification release 2.2

  • Support data rate on 100/200/400Mbps

  • Easy installation for PCI slot

  • Hot-plug and Plug and Play capability without disrupting your computer

  • Support 3 Port (External 6-pinx3 or External 6-pinx2, Internal 6-pinx1)

  • The ability to chain devices (Max 63ea)

  • Low profile PCI card standard version 1.0

  • Power repeating (8V~30V DC)




  • Multimedia connection: Hard Drives, Printers, Scanners, Digital Camcorder, Digital Cameras and more

  • Connect to IEEE1394 (FireWire) Network
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