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Hummingbird Exceed 9.0 X Windows Server

HummingbirdExceed, The Industry Standard PC to Sun and Linux connectivity tool

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The Industry Standard PC to Sun, Linux, X server and Connectivity Tool

Hummingbird Exceed® 9.0,, the best selling, highest performing PC X Server on the market, is designed to transparently integrate PC and X computing environments. Exceed 9 delivers seamless access from Windows desktops to the many types of computing platforms in an enterprise, including: UNIX, Linux, X Windows based systems, VMS, IBM Mainframe and AS/400. Find Out:
What's New in Exceed® 9.0 What's New in Exceed XDK 9.0
What's New in Exceed® 9.0
General Features
Installation Features
Configuration Features
Administrative Features
X Server Features

General Features
  • Certified for Windows 2000
    Exceed version 9.0 has successfully been certified for Windows 2000 by Veritest, an independent testing laboratory.
  • Designed for Windows XP
    Exceed version 9.0 has earned the Microsoft "Designed for Windows XP" logo.
  • Section 508 compliance
    Exceed® 9.0 is fully compliant with section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act.
  • Support for Windows XP themes
    Exceed fully supports Windows XP themes.
  • Enhanced "All Users" installation
    Exceed offers a TRUE per user installation for "All Users" installation type.
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Installation Features
  • Redesigned Xconfig user interface
    Exceed Xconfig has gone through a major upgrade to the modern Windows-XP style framework. The new user-friendly interface provides enhancements and extra options in version 9.0.
  • Re-organized configuration categories
    Categories in the Xconfig are reorganized to enhance logical access to the configuration options. For the users who are fond of the classic Xconfig category groupings, they can toggle the interface and revert it back to the classic view.
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Configuration Features
  • Enhanced "All Users" installation
    If the "All Users" installation option is selected when installing Exceed, setup will allow for the creation of individual settings for each user login on to the workstation. The first time a user launches Exceed, they will automatically and transparently receive a copy of the Default User settings in their windows profile. This new feature allows users to keep individual and personalized settings on a workstation, preventing several users from overwriting each other's profiles and settings with their own preferences.
  • Configuration synchronization
    Administrator can update the Default User directory and distribute the changes to users by initiating a "synchronize" event. All users will transparently and automatically receive the up-to-date configuration the next time they launch Exceed.
  • Software Migration
    The enhanced migration engine seamlessly migrates Exceed version 6.2 and above to version 8.0. This new migration engine can handle various types of installation: Single user, All Users and customized "per user" installation.
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Administrative Features
  • Xconfig Management Console
    Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is a Microsoft application that provides a graphical-user interface (GUI) and a programming framework in which consoles or collections of administrative tools can be created, saved, and opened. Exceed provides an MMC snap-in module, called Xconfig Management Console, that gives administrators the power to inspect and administer Exceed configurations residing on the remote PC workstations.
  • Additional Access Control
    This new feature, once turned on, allows users to accept or refuse each X application that attempts to connect to Exceed. It improves users control over the incoming X connections, enhances security and privacy, and increase the efficiency of the network bandwidth usage.
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X Server Features
  • Enhanced multiple instances support
    Exceed v9.0 provides an easy way for users to initiate multiple instances of Exceed. There is no need for users to go through a convoluted exercise and manually launch multiple instances of Exceed from the command line. Instead, users will be prompted as they attempt to launch another instance of Exceed or X application and they can decide whether to use the existing Exceed session or to create a new session.
  • XDMCP Query Runtime Host Prompt
    There is a new icon in the Exceed folder group that allows users to start an XDMCP Query session. Should the host field be empty when users click on the icon, a dialog box will prompt the users for the hostname. Users can also pick a host from the list of recently connected hosts.
  • Support for multiple network adapters and VPN clients
    Exceed allows users with multiple network adapters to use a new graphical user interface to conveniently choose the network adapter that Exceed should be communicating with. Users are no longer required to create an override value in the registry.
  • LogiCad3D input devices
    Exceed extends its support for 3D input device to include LogiCad3D input devices
  • Native Window Manager Gnome Compliance
    The Native Window Manager is integrated with the Gnome desktop. The four workspaces on the Exceed menu and toolbar are associated with the icons on the Desk Guide and Gnome pager.
  • X Rendering Extension
    Exceed supports the X Rendering Extension (Render). The "Render" introduces digital image composition as the foundation of a new rendering model within the X Window System.
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What's New in Exceed XDK 9.0
  • X11 Internationalization Support (XI18N)
    Exceed XDK v8.0 supports the dynamic load of X Input Method (XIM) and X Output Method (XOM) modules. XI18N framework provides a common API implementation for keyboard entry in all European and Asian languages and even for bi-directional languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, and Thai. Common standards for input methods allow developers to write one single application which can work in locale environments around the world.
  • 64bit Cross-compilation
    The enhanced XDK Application Wizard supports Internationalization and 64-bit cross-compilation.
  • Wheel mouse support
    Now developers will be able to create programs to capture the wheel mouse events.
  • Exceed XDK Data Sheet.

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