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Fast, Reliable, and Secure Storage Solutions, HDPro, SATA RAID solution for professional video editing


CalDigit HDPro-24

Double Speed Ahead!

The CalDigit HDPro-24 is a blazing fast 24 drive hardware RAID solution, with support for 24 SATA-II 3G drive modules. The HDPro-24 provides hardware RAID 0,1,5,6,50,60 and enhanced JBOD support. Sustained speeds of over 1,600 MB/s* can be achieved with RAID 50 protection. Dual hardware RAID controllers feature a next generation Intel XScale RAID engine, accompanied by high speed, upgradeable ECC cache. The HDPro-24 is ideal for use with the CalDigit SuperShare SAN solution or massive media files. With blazing fast speeds, using a direct connect external PCIe connection, the HDPro-24 is made to run 24/7, with no downtime.

Hardware RAID Built to Run

The HDPro-24 is a 100% hardware RAID solution. The HDPro-24 features dual RAID controllers with Intel XScale processors to accelerate RAID performance and provides support for multiple RAID levels. By utilizing this advanced technology, the CalDigit HDPro-24 provides a powerful solution for professionals.

Digital media, especially high data rate video, makes your system work harder during capture and playback. With the ability to edit and playback uncompressed 4K footage, at super speeds with no dropped frames, the HDPro-24 offers a true editing solution.

The HDPro-24 is designed to run without down time. With it's dual RAID controllers with cache battery backup, 3 hot swappable load bearing power supplies and 2 hot swappable ambient temperature controlled smart fans, the HDPro-24 is prepared for the long haul. These components can even be replaced without the use of tools.

Direct Connect

The HDPro-24 uses a direct connection to the extremely fast PCIe bus found in modern workstations and servers. Throughput is up to 20 Gbps with no delay, making the HDPro-24 about 5 times faster than traditional fibre channel solutions. This connection makes the HDPro-24 extremely fast, providing a sustained throughput of over 1,600 MB/s with RAID 50 protection.

A secure connection is also important, especially when it comes to transferring valuable data. The HDPro-24's PCI express cable has a substantial connection for added strength and long-term protection as well as performance. The secure latch will also prevent the cable from being pulled out accidentally and ensure workflow is uninterrupted.

Generous Capacity

The CalDigit HDPro-24 uses SATA II drives in combination with upgradeable DDR2, ECC-protected SDRAM. This results in performance that exceeds the needs of the most demanding video and content creation software. Each hard drive connects to a dedicated SATA channel, eliminating bottlenecks and maximizes the connection. The HDPro-24 is a high performance storage solution with capacities that start from 24TB.



Smart & Manageable

Each HDPro-24 features an environmental processor that monitors and manages all aspects of the system, such as the hard drives, RAID arrays, controllers, controller cache, fans, temperature, power supplies and enclosure conditions. In the event of a problem the HDPro-24 is capable of sending out email notifications.

The HDPro-24 comes with RAID Shield, CalDigit's powerful and easy to use RAID administration software. RAID Shield is capable of building multiple RAID sets on the fly with a variety of options such as: cache sizes, capacities, slices, a logical unit number, RAID Shield is entirely based on the TCP/IP architecture. This means that each HDPro-24 can be monitored and managed from anywhere on the Intranet. Once setup, RAID Shield provides at-a-glance monitoring for multiple HDPro-24 systems either locally or remotely.

Visual Aid

Quickly monitoring the status of the HDPro-24 is easy with CalDigit's intuitive LED indicator lights and LCD monitor. The HDPro-24 utilizes the LCD screen to provide detailed information about temperature, fan RPM and hard drive health, so you are always in the know. The HDPro-24's indicator lights are conveniently located on the front panel of the enclosure. With just a glance, the user can easily monitor the status of the HDPro-24. There is also an audible alert signal any system alert, as well as email notification. For more information, please refer to How to section.


Advanced Modular Design

The HDPro-24 has 24 hot-swappable drive modules allowing for easy replacement and expansion. This added flexibility makes it easy to archive data. Instead of storing an entire enclosure, with the HDPro-24, only the drive modules need to be stored. The HDPro-24 also features 3 hot swappable load bearing power supplies, 2 ambient temperature controlled smart fans, upgradeable cache and even the built-in RAID controllers are removable and upgradeable.


Active Sustained Transfer Technology (ASTT) was designed by CalDigit's top engineers to provide the ultimate in sustained performance. ASTT ensures that there is always a constant throughput. With ASTT, the performance of your HDPro-24 is always kept in check, ideal for HD video and beyond.


Legendary Support

The purchase of your HDPro-24 is just the beginning. Like all of CalDigit's products, the HDPro-24 is made from quality components and made to last. The HDPro-24 also comes with CalDigit's legendary technical support.

Instead of filling out forms or listening to an automated machine, customers get to talk to real people. CalDigit's technical team knows more than just storage, they understand the applications used in today's popular workflows. Unlike other companies who simply issue RMA numbers whenever a problem arises, the CalDigit technical support team will address the issue and hit the root of the problem. They understand the horrors of down time and work quickly and efficiently every step of the way to get the products up and running again.


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