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Fast, Reliable, and Secure Storage Solutions, HDPro, SATA RAID solution for professional video editing


CalDigit HDPro2

Serious Storage. Seriously Fast.

800The CalDigit HDPro2 is the most innovative eight-drive hardware RAID solution around. Everything you need in one powerful package, ready to use right out of the box. Setup is a breeze with ultimate reliability built right in.

The HDPro2 provides stunning performance with true hardware RAID protection for RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and JBOD. in RAID 5 the HDPro2 reaches sustained speeds of up to 800MB/s. The direct connect external PCIe connection is extremely fast.

The CalDigit HDPro2’s unique architecture combines the best value with the latest technology.


Safe, Reliable Storage

When you need a massive amount of storage for your HD projects, large media files, databases, photos, or audio files, the HDPro2 is the ideal storage solution.

With support for RAID 5, the HDPro2 features an advanced distributed parity algorithm. Access to data and parity blocks are spread across all 8 drives in the array. To improve the read and write performance, RAID 5 is not limited to a dedicated parity drive, like RAID 3 solutions.

When configured with RAID 6, fault tolerance is maintained by the world class CalDigit RAID engine, ensuring that the parity information is placed on TWO drives. This block of data is completely separate from the drives used to store the data itself. This allows for ultimate protection, allowing up to two drives to fail, with the loss of any data.

Offering RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and JBOD, the HDPro provides safe and reliable operation, all in one package, and backed by CalDigit's one year warranty.

High Speed, Low Cost, Virtually Unlimited Capacity

The CalDigit HDPro2 offers the best gigabyte-per-dollar ratio in the world for hardware RAID storage. The HDPro2 is a high-performance storage solution with capacities from 8TB to 16TB. At under $1 per gigabyte, including the PCI card and all required accessories - it's a fraction of the cost compared to other products in its class.

The CalDigit HDPro2 uses SATA 3Gb/s drives with up to 32MB cache, this means performance that meets the needs of the most demanding video and content editing software. Each 7200-RPM SATA hard drive connects to a dedicated SATA channel to eliminate bottlenecks and maximize the 3Gb/s native SATA connection.

The HDPro2 also supports SAS drives for the ultimate in performance, speed and reliability. SAS drives spin at 10,000-RPM and can provide additional performance and reliability.

The HDPro2 utilizes the fast PCIe infrastructure to connect directly to the host computer. Instead of using the RAID controller inside the workstation, the HDPro2 has it built inside. Using external PCIe, CalDigit is able to achieve a direct connection to the host with no delay or conversion unlike fibre solutions. This powerhouse delivers up to 800MB/s with RAID 5 protection.

The HDPro2 delivers sustained data throughput, providing the fastest sustained data rate in it's class. These graphs illustrate how the HDPro2 is able to keep up with the most demanding real-world scenarios. Optimized for video playback, the HDPro2 means dropped frames are a thing of the past.

Other RAID storage solutions are capable of playing back 10-bit 4K uncompressed footage in bursts, but dropped frames are commonly experienced after just 2-3 minutes or less of playback. The HDPro2 is a true editing solution that maintains its data rates during both editing and playback!

Each HDPro2 holds 8 hot swappable drive modules in a desktop tower, optional rack mount kits are available. The hot swappable functionality of the HDPro2 allows users to upgrade the drive's capacity as needed, while remaining very easy to configure. There is no capacity limitation to any single chassis.

Managing, Monitoring and Reporting Technology

RslogoEach HDPro2 features an environmental processor, which monitors and manages all aspects of the system including: hard drives, RAID array, controller, controller cache, fans, temperature, power supply, and enclosure conditions. In the event of a problem, the HDPro2 is capable of sending out an e-mail notifications.

The HDPro2 comes with RAID Shield, CalDigit's powerful and easy to use RAID administration software. RAID Shield is capable of building multiple RAID sets of they fly with a variety of options such as: cache sizes, capacities, slices, a logical unit number, RAID levels and more. This enables storage to be brought online without having to wait for initialization. RAID Shield is entirely based on the TCP/IP architecture. This means that each HDPro2 can be monitored and managed from anywhere on the intranet. Once setup, RAID Shield provides at-a-glance monitoring for multiple HDPro2 systems either locally or remotely.


Quickly monitoring the status of the HDPro2 is easy with CalDigit's intuitive LED visual feedback. The HDPro2's indicator lights are conveniently located on the front panel of the HDPro2. With just a glance the status of the HDPro2 can easily be checked. There is also an audible alert to signal any system, controller, or drive failure.

A Cooler Workstation

HeatExcessive heat can cause major issues and performance problems inside any workstation. Each and every component that is added to a workstation generates heat. These components are generally crammed into a small space, which in turn restricts airflow. The result is additional heat.

As the heat increases, the burden on the workstation rises. This slows down performance and adds additional strain to the workstation, which can cause premature failure of various components.

Unlike other RAID storage solutions, the CalDigit HDPro2 has a completely external RAID system. It is designed to minimize the heat inside the workstation. Because no additional heat is added, more reliable operation is achieved and individual components can experience a longer lifespan.

Direct Connection

DirectUnlike Fibre Channel, SCSI, FireWire and eSATA RAID storage, the CalDigit HDPro2 features a direct connection to the PCI Express bus, utilizing the computer's bridge chip and memory system, combined with extremely high link speeds. This direct link eliminates latency introduced by the conversion of other interfaces to PCI Express, and provides superior bandwidth, availability and deployment flexibility as opposed to earlier-generation SCSI and Fibre Channel technology.

PCI Express provides error correction and adapts to the speed of the PCIe slot automatically. The CalDigit HDPro2 works with both PCIe 4 lane or 8 lane. Because PCIe has speeds of up to 250MB/s per lane, bandwidth for ultra fast data transport between the storage system and the host computer can be achieved. These speeds are roughly 5 times faster than traditional fibre solutions. The HDPro2 comes with a high quality Molex* PCI Express cable and special electronics, to ensure a stable and high quality connection. This means both incredible speeds and reliable bandwidth for high-speed data transfers.


Substantial Cable Connection

HDPro2's cable has a substantial connection for added strength and long-term protection as well as performance. The secure latch will prevent the cable from being pulled out accidentally and ensure workflow is uninterrupted.

Editing on the Go

Features Hdp ELane SMany RAID storage systems today are limited to use on desktop workstations. With today's advanced mobile technology, there is more and more demand for storage on the go. The CalDigit eLane-1ex ExpressCard allows for portable performance in the field, enabling users to capture, develop, edit and create content in almost any environment when using Apple's MacBook Pro or Windows-based notebook.

Because the complete hardware RAID solution is built inside the HDPro2, a separate RAID Card is not needed. This means that the HDPro2 is a completely portable hardware RAID solution.

This also means that the external RAID storage for the laptop is no longer limited to the slower FireWire and USB connections. The CalDigit eLane-1ex can reach speeds of up to 195MB/s allowing for uncompressed high definition editing on a laptop.


Built-In Intel XScale Core Processor

The HDPro2 has an integrated, state of the art, Intel XScale core to accelerate RAID performance and provides support for multiple RAID levels. By utilizing this advanced technology from Intel, the CalDigit HDPro2 provides a simple and powerful solution for professionals looking to increase performance and add protection to their storage.

Active Sustained Transfer Technology (ASTT)

ASTT was designed by CalDigit's top engineers to provide ultimate sustained performance. This advanced technology is unique to CalDigit and cannot be found anywhere else.

With ASTT, the performance of your HDPro2 is always kept in check. When data is transferred, any highs (peaks) or lows (drops) are equalized by the Active Sustained Transfer Technology.

ASTT optimizes the best transfer size and timing between the RAID controller cache and the host machine. This eliminates performance drops and maximizes the sustained data rate.

ASTTsASTT also helps to maintain a continuously smooth transfer rate over the whole capacity of the RAID. This technology is ideal for video editors who need sustained playback, and can't risk dropping frames.

See the difference for yourself, see how the use of ASTT maintains consistent throughput, and other systems without ASTT have sudden drops in performance.


The HDPro2 is bootable.

Simply install the operating system of your choice (Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux) onto the HDPro2 and it will become completely bootable. By booting from HDPro2 the ability to troubleshoot system issues and start up disks can be achieved whenever errors are encountered.

Booting from a RAID Volume adds both flexibility and mobility. Complete and pre-configured systems can be moved to and from various locations, and can even be used with a laptop.


"Pay-as-You-Grow" Scalability

CalDigitVR 05HDPro2 is a flexible, open, remarkably scalable, and highly available RAID storage solution with virtually unlimited storage capabilities. It uses CalDigit's advanced PCI Express architecture that enables its 'pay-as-you-grow' scalability.

As additional higher storage capacity becomes necessary with the growth of your media files; more HDPro2s can be attached and configured easily in the field without downtime.


Legendary Support

All major components of the HDPro2 have been designed and developed by CalDigit. All hard drives have passed CalDigit’s stringent tests, providing users with the best mix or reliability, performance and price. When you purchase an HDPro2, you have not only bought one of the best external hardware RAID storage systems on the market today, but you have also acquired CalDigit's legendary customer service and support.

Many other RAID systems use major components from multiple vendors, making support a nightmare. Because CalDigit offers true single vendor support, any questions or technical support needs are just one phone call away.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At CalDigit, we are committed to providing our customers with complete satisfaction and an enjoyable experience. Besides providing great products, we feel that the best way to build a long lasting relationship with our customers is by treating them right and giving them the highest quality customer service.

The HDPro2 is a rock solid storage system that we are completely confident in. Because of that, it is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. It also comes with CalDigit's One Year Warranty including the ultimate in tech support and service.




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