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Fast, Reliable, and Secure Storage Solutions, HDPro, SATA RAID solution for professional video editing


CalDigit - RAID 5 & RAID 6

CalDigit has been dedicated to the content creation industry for over ten years. Every product is exclusively designed with the users' requirements in mind. CalDigit has a team of world-class software, hardware, and engineers. Closely bonded, the CalDigit Team works to develop the best RAID software and hardware in the industry.

CalDigit HDPro2 CalDigit HDPro-24  
CalDigit HDPro2
Serious Storage. Seriously Fast.

CalDigit HDPro-24
Double Speed Ahead!

The CalDigit HDPro2 is the most innovative eight-drive hardware RAID solution around. Everything you need in one powerful package, ready to use right out of the box. Setup is a breeze with ultimate reliability built right in.

The HDPro2 provides stunning performance with true hardware RAID protection for RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and JBOD. in RAID 5 the HDPro2 reaches sustained speeds of up to 800MB/s. The direct connect external PCIe connection is extremely fast.

The CalDigit HDPro2’s unique architecture combines the best value with the latest technology.

The CalDigit HDPro-24 is a blazing fast 24 drive hardware RAID solution, with support for 24 SATA-II 3G drive modules. The HDPro-24 provides hardware RAID 0,1,5,6,50,60 and enhanced JBOD support. Sustained speeds of over 1,600 MB/s* can be achieved with RAID 50 protection. Dual hardware RAID controllers feature a next generation Intel XScale RAID engine, accompanied by high speed, upgradeable ECC cache. The HDPro-24 is ideal for use with the CalDigit SuperShare SAN solution or massive media files. With blazing fast speeds, using a direct connect external PCIe connection, the HDPro-24 is made to run 24/7, with no downtime.



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