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CalDigit SuperShare

CalDigit SuperShare

A New Way to Share. Serious Storage. Shared.

The CalDigit SuperShare is a revolutionary solution to the traditional SAN. Based on direct connect PCIe technology, the CalDigit SuperShare is an extremely fast hardware solution that allows users to access a pool of shared storage simultaneously. This effective collaboration makes sharing CalDigit storage solutions easy, fast and affordable.

Centralized Storage

With centralized storage, data is stored in a single location and can be accessed by multiple workstations simultaneously. Sharing content can streamline workflows, eliminating bottlenecks and the need to copy files. Countless hours can be saved by eliminating the need to copy data to multiple users on direct attached storage solutions. Deadlines are easier to meet due to increased productivity and there is no more searching for files in multiple locations.

Single Vendor Support

The CalDigit SuperShare provides an efficient SAN solution. Eliminating the need for multiple components from various hardware manufactures helps to solve conflicts and unnecessary trouble shooting. Because CalDigit makes most major components, you know you are getting the best hardware possible, and it is all designed to work together. Simply add the SAN software of your choice*, and the CalDigit SuperShare hardware will allow you to share your storage and speed you never thought were possible.

*SAN management software required.

A Truly Efficient SAN

Unlike traditional SAN solutions, SuperShare makes sharing easy. The epicenter of the SuperShare is the SuperShare Switch and SuperShare Hub. The SuperShare Hub allows connection to super fast CalDigit storage solutions like the HDPro2 and HDPro-24.

The SuperShare Hub then connects to the SuperShare Switch, which connects to a metadata server and workstations using optical cable technology. Unlike many fibre SAN solutions, SuperShare only requires a single 20Gb/s cable to connect to each workstation including the host cards.

Saves You Money

Centralizing and sharing storage not only increases productivity, but can save you money. By eliminating the need to copy data to multiple users on direct attached solutions, hundreds of hours can be saved. With the increase in productivity, deadlines are easier to meet and there is no more searching for files in multiple locations.


Creative professionals need tools that let them work the way they want to without hindering the creative process. Collaborative workflow allows editing, compositing, and audio sweetening to take place simultaneously, shortening post production and cutting costs.

There are increasing demands for collaborative work in the creative industry, and the CalDigit SuperShare solves this demand with an incredibly fast PCIe based solution, and support for a virtually unlimited amount of users and storage. This makes all workflows both efficient and effective.


The low cost appeal of ethernet based shared storage solutions can be very appealing. The relatively low bandwidth provides many limitations and can cause frustration and an unstable solution. By simply adding dedicated hardware like the SuperShare, shared storage becomes extremely fast and efficient. With centralized storage, it is likely to have more than one unit of storage, allowing more bandwidth to read and write, increasing the overall bandwidth speeds. What is even more exciting, is the cost is relatively low, and you can save around $11,000 or more compared to a fibre based SAN.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At CalDigit, we are committed to providing our customers with complete satisfaction and an enjoyable experience. Besides providing great products, we feel the best way to build long lasting relationships with our customers is by treating them right and giving them the highest quality customer service.

The SuperShare is a rock solid storage system that we are completely confident in. Because of that, it is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. It also comes with CalDigit's One Year Warranty including the ultimate in tech support and service.

Legendary Support

It's just the beginning after you purchase your SuperShare. Like all of CalDigit's great products, the SuperShare is made from quality components and made to last. The SuperShare also comes with CalDigit's legendary technical support.

Instead of filling out forms or listening to an automated machine, customers get to talk to real people. CalDigit's technical team knows more than just storage, they understand the applications used in today's popular workflows. Unlike other companies who simply issue RMA numbers whenever a problem arises, the CalDigit technical support team will address the issue and hit the root of the problem. They understand the horrors of down time and work quickly and efficiently every step of the way to get the products up and running again.

CalDigit and its knowledgeable technical support team are dedicated to its customers. If there is a problem, CalDigit aims to provide the best solution possible.

Post Production

"How can shared storage benefit the post-production workflow?"

Scalable - It's easier and more efficient to add to centralized storage than direct attached solutions. Less Storage space is required with shared storage.

Increase Bandwidth - With shared storage, generally more than one storage device is used, increasing overall speed and capacity.

Share Files Instead of Copying - Media is stored in one location and no longer needs to be copied.

Increase Efficiency - Access to storage from any connected workstation, projects can be started and finished using different systems.

Collaborative Workflow - Collaborative workflow allows tasks like editing, compositing, and audio sweetening to take place simultaneously.

Manage and Allocate Storage - Allocate and assign bandwidth/capacity to connected workstations based on their needs.

Accelerate Rendering - Shared storage assists network rendering improving overall speed, and all source and rendered files can be stored in one location.


Affordable - More Affordable than Fibre SAN solutions.

Longer Cable Lengths, More Bandwidth - SuperShare 20Gb/s, 100M

Laptop Support* - Allows users to use laptops in the SAN network.

ASTT - Active Sustained Transfers Technology in a SAN solution.

Cross Platform - Mac, Window & Linux can access the same storage.

No Expensive Host Adaptor Required

No Latency, No Conversion

Single Vendor Support

*Requires metaLAN

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