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Fast, Reliable, and Secure Storage Solutions, HDPro, SATA RAID solution for professional video editing


FASTA-1ex SATA ExpressCard, Compatible with MacBook Pro and Windows Notebook

The CalDigit FASTA-1ex ExpressCard allows for portable performance in the field, enabling you to capture, develop, edit and create content in almost any environment when using Apple's new MacBook Pro or Windows-based notebook. FASTA-1ex features high speed SATA 3G connection at 3 Gbps bandwidth and allows the user to connect one external SATA 3G device to the notebook.


This card is the perfect solution for users who are using video capture devices such as DV, VCR, AJA Io, LA, LD, etc that require the full bandwidth of FireWire and high speed access to external hard drives. Connecting Capture devices to FireWire port and your external storage to FASTA-1ex, this is perfect solution for any notebooks which has ExpressCard/34 or 54 slot.

The only SATA ExpressCard that is designed for Video Editing. This adapter supports DV, HDV, DVCPRO HD, 8-bit and 10-bit SD video workflows.




  • 1 External SATA 3G Port.
  • Port Multiplier-aware to support up to 5 disk drives

  • 3.0 Gbps bandwidth transfer speed

  • Plug and Play

  • Downward compatible with SATA I device

  • Compatible with a variety of capture cards, like AJA, BMD, Matrox

  • 3-year warranty

Video, Photo Library, Audio, Gaming

Enhance your editing experience


If you are a video editor working with FinalCut Pro on a MacBook Pro, this card is designed for you. FASTA-1ex can easily handle multi-stream of a variety video formats such as DVCPro HD, 8 bit SD, 10 bit SD, HDV, etc. It allows you to connect to one external SATA device, for example Port Multiplier-aware drive, with 3Gbps bandwidth for fast data transfer.


Faster Than FireWire 800


The CalDigit FASTA-1ex ExpressCard 34 can typically achieve sustained disk write and read speeds of 100 and 110 MB/sec, respectively, which is about three times as fast as USB 2.0 or FireWire 400 connections to the same drive setup.


Upgrade your MacBook Pro


FASTA-1ex provides the missing external SATA port for MBP. The FASTA-1ex offers one external SATA 3G ports at up to 3 Gbps. The ExpressCard enables Port Multiplier-aware Disk RAID to be fully utilized as high-performance storage on your MacBook Pro.

Why choosing SATA HBA for video editing?


SATA is an evolutionary replacement for the PATA physical storage interface. It provides affordable pricing, expandable and easy configuration. It is the latest technology to replace FireWire, USB and Fiber Channel.


What is SATA 3G?


SATA 3G is the latest SATA technology that supports up to 3G bit per second. SATA 3G is double the speed/bandwidth of the original SATA 150 (1.5Gb/s).


What is FASTA?


FASTA is the series of CalDigit SATA 3G host cards utilize the PCI-e/PCI-x interface to offer huge bandwidth for data throughput. It is dedicated to video editors that require high performance and reliability.



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