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Rimage, World's Largest and Most experienced full-line manufacturer of CD/DVD publishing, duplication, printing systems

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All units now include:

48X CD Recordable Drives
4x/16x DVD Models are available!!!
Firewire Interface (units ship with Firewire card and cable)
All units ship with OfficeNet software

What Do We Do for You?

What Do We do for You? We come on site, install the system, and train you... All as a free service !


Rimage Printer Family

The industry leader in CD/DVD publishing brings you the most innovative, versatile, high-performing printing technology available.

Everest III Auto Printers PrismPlus!
Everest III Auto Printers PrismPlus!
Everest III, which is an enhanced version of Rimage's pioneering thermal retransfer printing technology, enables users to create custom, colorful, high-resolution labels bonded directly to the surface of CDs and DVDs a permanent solution essential for many retail, medical and banking/finance applications.

The Everest III and the PrismPlus! are both available as AutoPrinters. Both printers use the Producer family robotics, providing fast and reliable operation. AutoPrinters are constructed without covers or cabinets for easy access to the bins and the printer.
The PrismPlus! uses an indelible thermal process - no drying or curing time. It has rugged durability for 24-hour, 7-day use. The PrismPlus! features a production speed of 10 seconds per disc.
Rimage 480i    
Rimage 480i    

The Rimage 480i printer features the best speed, resolution, and color management, making it the most advanced thermal inkjet technology available today. It also features the smallest droplet size in the industry: 3 pico-liters to give you stunning results, disc after disc.



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