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Rimage 2000i Product Brochure

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Rimage 2000i
Rimage 2000i

Simple...Powerful...Affordable...All-In-One Design

The Rimage 2000i is the most versatile desktop CD/DVD recorder and direct to disc publishing system available. The large 100-disc input bin allows you to handle your unique CD/DVD publishing projects - large or small. Whether you need one disc or several hundred, the Rimage 2000i records your unique content and prints customized graphics and text directly on the disc for a complete, professional publishing solution

  • Fully assembled out-of-the-box, all-in-one system
  • Reliable unattended disc publishing solution
  • Efficient 2 to 1 drive to printer ratio

The Rimage 2000i is a totally integrated disc publishing system that includes 2 recorders and 1 inkjet printer. The Rimage 2000i, with optional Office Net Software, can connect to a network and enables users to send jobs to over the network. The Rimage 2000i provides the most advanced robotic technology in the industry. The Rimage 2000i is the first fully assembled, out-of-the-box ready to recording and print solution in the industry. The Rimage 2000i is fully contained and requires no configuration.

Along with the industry leading robotic, the Rimage 2000i comes pre-mounted with the Rimage 480i printer assembly - the most advanced inkjet printer available today. Co-developed by Rimage and Hewlett-Packard, the Rimage 480i employs the most advanced printing echnology in the industry. It features the fast print times, highest resolution, and the best color management in the industry. The Rimage 480i has the smallest droplet size (3 picoliters) ensuring maximum clarity and great economy in direct-to-disc printing. The Rimage 2000i also offers 4800 dpi printing and a full color spectrum of 16.7 million colors.


Download it here.

Product Family

Producer III Family:
Producer 7100N, Producer 8100N

DiscLab Family:
DLN5200, DL5200
Desktop Family:
Rimage 2000i
Targeted Usage
Back office, unattended 24x7 operation
Medium to High volume
Front office -
Low to medium volume
Front office -
Low to medium volume
Technical Support
Unlimited 24x7 phone support
Unlimited 24x7 phone support
Limited 8x5 phone support
Host PC
(control center
Supplied by Rimage
DLN5200 - built in
DL5200 - supplied by VAR or user
Supplied by VAR or user
Max # Drives in Single Chassis
Enclosed recorders and printer
Enclosed recorders and printer
Not enclosed
CD/DVD Combinations
Can combine CD and DVD
CD or DVD only
CD or DVD only
Blank Media Capacity
300 - 4 bin carousel (100/bin)
50 - 1 bin
100 - 1 bin
Metal Assembly, Metal Fingers
Plastic Assembly, Plastic Fingers
Plastic Assembly, Plastic Fingers
Picker Speed
2 sec per movement
4 sec per movement
4 sec per movement
Disc Printing Technology
Everest III or Prism Plus!
Everest II
Rimage 480i
Perfect Print Feature
Silkscreen Overprint - Yes
Silkscreen Overprint - No
Silkscreen Overprint - No
Printing Permanence
Everest, indelible
Prism, durable
Everest, indelible
Inkjet, susceptible to moisture
Print Speed - Black
Everest III , 17 sec
Prism, 8 sec
Everest, 20 sec
Rimage 480i, 12 sec
Print Speed - Color
Everest III , 57 sec
Prism, 8 sec
Everest, 60 sec
Rimage 480i, 40-80 sec
Consumable Cost/CD - Black
Everest, 13 cents
Prism, 1 cent to 4 cents
Everest, 13 cents
Rimage 480i, 1 cent to 6 cents
Consumable Cost/CD - Color
Everest, 33 cents
Prism, 25 cents
Everest, 33 cents
Rimage 480i, 6 cents to 30 cents
Client Software
QuickDisc, Standalone, Networked
QuickDisc, Standalone, Networked
QuickDisc, Standalone, Networked (optional)
Program Interface
APIs and NetPubJ Integration Tools
APIs and NetPubJ Integration Tools
NetPubJ Integration Tools
CMY Ink Cartridge
Color inkjet cartridge for Rimage 2000i/480i products.
Black Ink Cartridge
Black inkjet cartridge for Rimage 2000i/480i products.
600 CD Media Kit
Rimage 2000i/480i CD-R, White Printable Surface, 600 Disc Bulk Pack, 2 CMY & 1 black cartridge.
600 DVD Media Kit
Rimage 2000i/480i DVD-R White Printable Surface, 600 Disc Bulk Pack, 2 CMY & 1 black cartridge.
100 Disc Input/Output Bin
Rimage 2000i extra 100 disc Input/Output bin
Rimage 2000i Fan Filter
Rimage 2000i fan filter to be changed after 20 printer cartridges.
The Rimage 2000i include:
  • CD Designer for Disc Label Creation
  • QuickDisc for Disc Content Mastering
  • Production Server for system control and operation
  • System Manager for Production Monitoring and System Administration
  • Control Center System Recovery for restoration, if required.

CD Designer:
CD Designer is an easy-to-use application providing the ability to create, import and customize the graphics that will be printed on the CD or DVD surface. CD Designer enables easy adding of background colors, additions of custom text, photos, mail-merge data and even bar codes by clicking and dragging within the simple CD Designer user interface.

  • Simple drag-and-drop operation
  • Add graphics, text, objects, and photos from almost any source
  • Includes examples and templates for fast and easy disc design
  • Supports mail merge options from external data files
  • Supports 22 main types of bar codes including two UPC variants and the four regional codes of the Australian mail system

QuickDisc is a straightforward complete application for preparation and assembly of the disc content and disc graphics, job submission, and job status monitoring.

  • Prepare and submit discs for recording and printing
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop user interface
  • Support for multiple media types
  • Submit, schedule and monitor jobs, and job status
  • Supports ISO 9660 Level 1 (MSDOS, Win 3.x, NT 3.x, Unix), ISO 9660 Level 2 (Win 95/98/200, NT 4.0, Unix), Joliet-Microsoft Format (Win 95/98/2000/NT), UDF 1.5 (DVD, Win 98/2000), Macintosh HFS, Macintosh ISO Extensions
  • Read or copy a disc and save the disc image for future submission
  • Save single disc jobs, multiple disc jobs, and group multiple jobs for easy resubmission


Rimage System Manager:
Rimage System Manager provides access to system level preferences, queuing and priority options and other global system management controls

  • Allows control of multiple Rimage disc publishers distributed throughout the network
  • Can be run from any location on the network (with optional software)
  • Includes full range of system protections, permissions and preferences


Production Server (optional):
Production Server enables the full use of system resources via asynchronous control of the recording, printing, robotics, movements, pre-mastering and staging of images.

  • Includes a log file to monitor jobs in process, pending jobs, completed jobs, and canceled jobs
  • Bulk read feature allows multiple discs to be read automatically and the content saved where designated
  • Job streaming allows masters to be interspersed into a blank disc stack for automatic copying

Rapid Exchange Contract
A Rapid Exchange contract offers you your own "spare system". If equipment problems cannot be resolved over the phone, a replacement unit will arrive the next business day (if it is ordered before 2:00 PM Central Time). You keep the replacement unit and return the malfunctioning system to Rimage within 5 business days. This agreement includes all non-consumable parts and labor.


Rimage Software Maintenance
Rimage Software Maintenance ensures that the latest software revisions and/or updates are sent to you. This service is included as part of the above maintenance contracts.


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