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Zeus 7-Drive Standalone CD DVD Publishing Systems

Automated 7-drive Standalone CD DVD Publisher with Integrated Printer


Zeus 7H

Zeus 7H

- 7-drives
- SpeedJet Pro Inkjet Printer
- 600 Capacity

Zeus 7P

Zeus 7P

- 7 drives
- Pro III Thermal Printer
- 900 Capacity


Zeus 7R


Zeus 7R

- 7 drives
- Prism Plus Thermal Printer
- 900 Capacity


Zeus 7T

Zeus 7T

- 7 drives
- P55 Photorealistic Thermal Printer
- 600 Capacity

Zeus 7-drive CD/DVD Publisher Overview

The Zeus 7 is a fully automated self-contained CD DVD publisher that does not require connection to a PC. It is completely standalone with asynchronous duplication and printing highlighting its key features. The Zeus 7 is configured with 7 drives and up to 900 capacity as well as integrated with either the inkjet or thermal printers shown above. Simply load your master and label file using the user-friendly 6-button LCD keypad, and you have a full-blown CD/DVD publishing or duplication system at your fingertips!


The optional networking software allows for connectivity into any local or remote network, be it a small office network, or a large corporate environment. Each employee with access to the Zeus CD DVD publisher will be able to submit their job to the queue at anytime, no matter the number of copies, and their jobs will be produced in the order submitted.

Zeus 7-drive CD/DVD Publisher Features

  • Asynchronous duplication and printing
  • Completely standalone (no PC required whatsoever)
  • Exchangeable inkjet or thermal printers
  • Removable input/output bins.
  • Batch-Mode (copy & print multiple masters)
  • Sticky media separator option
  • Ink level indicator (w/ inkjet printer)
  • Internal HDD
  • User-friendly 6-button LCD display
  • Tower can also be used manually
  • Networkable (optional)

Zeus 7-drive CD DVD Publisher Specifications

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 16.5"x24.5"x24.5"
  • Weight: 60 lbs. (Autoloader)
  • Power Consumption: 115~230 VAC 50~60 Hz

Supported Formats

  • Mode 1 Single And Multisession
  • Mode 2 Single And Multisession
  • Audio
  • Picture CD
  • CD-Extra
  • Video CD
  • DVD Single And Multisession
  • DVD Multi Track
  • DVD+/-R/RW
  • DVD+R DL


  • Pioneer DVR-112 DVD-R (18x) CD-R (40x)
  • NEC DVD-R (18x) CD-R (48x)
  • Optional
     - Plextor DVD-R (18x) CD-R (48x)


Zeus 7-drive CD DVD Publisher Optional Networking Software

  • Remote duplication and printing (client/server).
  • High-speed USB connection.
  • Unlimited job queuing w/ job priority options.
  • Users can view the status of pending jobs and jobs in process.
  • A user can cancel any job that is not in process.
  • Job priority may only be changed by the system administrator.
  • Multiple servers can exist on the same network. Clients simply select the server they want to submit jobs to.
  • Built-in label design software allows users to create full color text and graphic labels.
  • Automatically processes queued jobs in the order that they were submitted to the queue.
  • Ability to connect multiple publishers to one server.



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