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M9: 9 Drive Standalone DVD-R Tower with 16x Drives and 120 GB Hard Drive




Our advanced tower duplication system is stand-alone and simple-to-use to meet all of the needs of the user.


With 9 16x speed writers in a standalone in tower-case design, 72 DVD-R and 180 CD-R duplicates can be made per hour. Two-button operation makes for very simple and easy operation.

M9 Features

  • Automation-Ready. If you get tired of loading and unloading the discs yourself, you can easily convert this into a Hera 9 automated dvd duplication system.
  • Standalone. This unit is capable of being operated without any connection to a PC in full standalone mode. There are no complicated set up procedures or difficult to understand command operations.
  • User Friendly 2-Button Operation. Two-button control module commands can be selected and executed simply and effortlessly. Non-technical staff can operate these units in no time.
  • Internal Hard Drive. With the 80 GB internal hard drive you can store a great amount of data and burn it to a disc whenever you wish.
  • Quick Master Creation. Using the unit as an external CD-R drive, you can quickly make a master. With this master you can create targets easily and quickly.


  • Net size (WxHxD): 7"x9"18"
  • Net weight: 18 lbs/8.2 kg
  • CD-ROM drive: 52x or 48x (1 unit)
  • Hard Drive: 120GB
  • Interface:SCSI-II
  • Supported format of CD:
    • MODE 1: CD-ROM (DATA CD)
    • MODE 2: Photo-CD, CD-I, CD-MPEG (Movie CD), CD-ROM/XA, CD-DA (Music CD), Multi-session, CD-Plus, CD-Extra, CD+G etc.ISO9660, HFS, Hybrid, CD-DA, CD-Extra, MixMode, CD-1, Video CD, Photo CD, Multiple Session, Single Session, Disk at once, Track at once.
  • Duplication Speed: 60 discs per hour using 3 52x drives
  • Supply voltage: 115 -230V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 45W
  • Environment
    • Temperature: 40F -110F
    • Humidity: 20-80%

Compatible Drives

  • Pioneer DVR-112 DVD-R (18x) CD-R (40x)
  • NEC DVD-R (18x) CD-R (48x)
  • Optional
     - Plextor DVD-R (18x) CD-R (48x)




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