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High End LED Sports display systems


Sports LED Display systems

Give another dimension to your sports infrastructures

Your fans will live a new colourful multimedia experience that will catch their attention by a dynamic visual spectacle.

Develop your business connections by bringing to your commercial partners a solution answering the broadcast requirements.


Our ARCH™ software will allow you to manage easily, quickly and intuitively the various functions such as: full-colour logos, timing, results information, animations, texts…

Live Video
Their video functions deliver high resolution images for advertising video or live broadcast. Certified IP65, they can be used both indoor and outdoor.
Their brightness (6500nits), their 4.4 trillion colours, their contrast and their wide viewing angle guarantee an irreproachable quality for any type of contents.

Perimeter screen
Created to give affordable solutions in the sport world, the technology and the design of our perimeter screens offer the optimal solution. You can modulate their configuration according to your needs thanks to their ease of manipulation and their weak weight and switch from a perimeter screen to a giant screen simply.


Applications: (click on image to enlarge)


Technical Specifications: (click on image to enlarge)

tech spec for sports display system tech spec for sports display system



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