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High End LED indoor display systems


Indoor  Large LED Display systems for use in High End Stores, Casinos, and Airports etc.

Our large LED screens focus on the special needs of the indoor market to offer you:

Impressive high-resolution full color images at short viewing distances.

High brightness up to 2000 nits (adjustable via our ARCH™ software) to fit all indoors conditions.

Thanks to their refresh rate and scan frequency, they answer broadcast TV requirements.


Large viewing angle: optimal conditions for all spectators.


Fixed or temporary installation: fast and easy multiple relocation if needed.

Our products have standard sizes but we can also assist you for specific realizations.


ARCH™ software: dedicated user-friendly software.


ARCH™ server: a controller allowing the broadcasting of any types of real-time digital and analogical signals.


Simple hanging and transportation system: save time and money.


Applications: (click on image to enlarge)


Technical Specifications: (click on image to enlarge)

tech spec for indoor display system tech spec for indoor display system



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