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Datasheet Scan Do SD 1295

Scan Do® SD (1295) - DVI-I to SD-SDI Scan Converter with DVI or Analog RGB inputs.

Scan Do® SD (1295)

Convert your high-resolution DVI or Analog RGB computer sources into a SMPTE standard SD-SDI signal for broadcasting on air or integrating into a professional video production system.

Input Resolutions
DVI-I single link resolutions:
Up to 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz
Pixel Clock Frequency 25 to 165 MHz (Input Pixel Clock Frequency cannot exceed 165 MHz)

Output Resolutions
10-bit SD-SDI per SMPTE 259:
525/59.9/I (NTSC) 625/50/I (PAL)

Single link DVI-I with active loop-thru support;
includes 15 pin adapter for Analog RGBHV support
Two coaxial outputs; SMPTE 259M-C
Only one output format is available on all outputs at one time.

Video Processing
10 bit, all digital

NTSC/PAL black burst
Coarse & fine phasing with a range of one output vertical period

Image Size & Positioning
Separate H & V positioning
Zoom and Shrink; H & V or together

Control Interfaces
RS-232 & 10/100 Base-T ethernet LAN port with internal HTML host
Front panel push button
Field upgradeable via Ethernet

Additional Features

  • Variable flicker reduction • On Screen Display (OSD) & LED
  • Factory defaults reset • Rack mount kit included
  • RoHS compliant
  • Test pattern generator: color bars at 100% and 75% Saturation
  • Multiple preset storage and recall settings through remote control interfaces or front panel

16.75 W (without rackmount ears) x 1.75 H x 10 D (inches)
425 W x 44 H x 254 D (mm)
Weight: 5.5 pounds; 2.49 kg

Internal universal input AC power supply
95 - 250 volts AC, 47 - 63 Hz, 20 watts, 68.24 BTU/Hr



  • Digital DVI & Analog RGB Input Support
  • Supports SD-SDI output resolutions per SMPTE 259
  • Advanced scaling algorithms and 10 bit processing provide exceptionally clean and accurate broadcast quality output.
  • Genlock with full phasing control locks SD-SDI output to black burst.
  • Ethernet & RS-232 ports enable remote control of the SD.
  • Two coaxial outputs (SMPTE 259)
  • Zoom & Shrink horizontally and vertically while maintaining the aspect ratio or set each independently!
  • Precisely position your image horizontally and vertically.
  • Capture & Store EDID
  • Store & Recall Presets from the Front Panel with Preset Status LEDs
  • On Screen Display & Keypanel Lock Status LEDs
  • Alternate Function Button


Download Datasheet (PDF)



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