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Communications Specialties, Inc. Scan Do VGA and Workstation to Video Scan Converters

The Scan Do family of VGA-to-video scan converters offers issue free, professional-quality conversion of VGA and Macintosh video to crisp, clear, virtually flicker-free TV video (NTSC and PAL). There are two members of the Scan Do Product Family.


1. Scan Do® SD (1295) 2. Scan Do® HD (1298)


Typical Uses are: Projection, Video Capture, Authoring, Military

The most recent addition to the Communications Specialties scan converter product line is Scan Do Pro II. Scan Do Pro II combines the higher-resolution support (up to 1280 x 1024) and superior processing offered by Scan Do Select with the professional broadcast-related features and interface found on the original Scan Do Pro model.

All Scan Do models work with both VGA and Macintosh computers. All Scan Do scan converters operate with any operating software and all operating environments. These units are lightweight, completely external hardware that plug easily into the video output port of your computer. They require no software or the addition of internal boards. In addition, all models provide fully digital processing and 24-bit input sampling (16.8 million colors), ensuring the best possible picture quality.

Scan Do® SD (1295) Scan Do® HD (1298)  
Scan Do® SD (1295) Scan Do® HD (1298)  

Convert your high-resolution DVI or Analog RGB computer sources into a SMPTE standard SD-SDI signal for broadcasting on air or integrating into a professional video production system.

DVI-I to 3G/HD/SD-SDI Scan Converter now with DVI or Analog RGB inputs New Model 1298 with 3G-SDI Output Support.

  • Digital DVI & Analog RGB Input Support
  • Supports SD-SDI output resolutions per SMPTE 259
  • Advanced scaling algorithms and 10 bit processing provide exceptionally clean and accurate broadcast quality output.
  • Genlock with full phasing control locks SD-SDI output to black burst.
  • Ethernet & RS-232 ports enable remote control of the SD.
  • Two coaxial outputs (SMPTE 259)
  • Zoom & Shrink horizontally and vertically while maintaining the aspect ratio or set each independently!
  • Precisely position your image horizontally and vertically.
  • Capture & Store EDID
  • Store & Recall Presets from the Front Panel with Preset Status LEDs
  • On Screen Display & Keypanel Lock Status LEDs
  • Alternate Function Button
  • Digital DVI & Analog RGB Input Support
  • 3G Output Support (SMPTE 424M-2006)
  • Store & Recall Presets from the Front Panel with Preset Status LEDs
  • Psf Output Support
  • Capture & Store EDID
  • SMPTE 297-2006 Compliant Fiber Optic Output
  • Fiber Optic, On Screen Display & Keypanel Lock Status LEDs
  • Alternate Function Button


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