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MediaWall® 4500
MediaWall® 4500
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The next generation MediaWall® processors are fully real time display wall systems for arrays of projectors, cubes or flat panel displays. Unique among display wall processors, the MediaWall 4500 and 4200 are based on a custom, high performance architecture rather than a PC, with faster updates, more display flexibility, robustness and security. Real time display of inputs is guaranteed under all conditions, without dropped frames.

The MediaWall 4500 processor can display up to 30 graphics and video signals on up to 12 screens in a 3x4 array; the MediaWall 4200 can display up to 12 graphics and video signals on up to 8 screens in a 2x4 array. Images can be displayed anywhere, any size, within or across screens, in correct aspect ratio or stretched to fit, in whole or zoomed to emphasize details. Unlike other video/data walls, MediaWall processors have essentially no limits on display alternatives; the multi- screen array forms a truly virtual screen in which any display of windows is possible. Input alternatives include RGB/DVI and analog video modules. HD-SDI modules will be available in the near future.

Graphics signals are selectable up to 1920x1200 and 2048x1152 pixels. HD and digital cinema resolutions up to 2048x1080p are also supported. Standard video inputs include composite, component and S-Video. Background images, up to the aggregate resolution of the display wall, can be loaded from compact flash cards or over a network.

DVI inputs include built-in cable equalization on all inputs to increase cable lengths to 50 meters without the need for external signal extenders. On DVI outputs, 500mA of power is available for pin-powered devices, obviating the need for external power adapters.

Control is available via USB, RS-232, or Ethernet port. A web browser based control system provides both local and remote operation, with a graphical representation of the wall and "drag and drop" window positioning and scaling.

MediaWall processors offer 24/7 robustness. They come packaged in rack mountable enclosures with replaceable air filters and redundant power supplies, providing excellent solutions for challenging environments. Most importantly, MediaWall processors provide the security and reliability of an embedded operating system and the absence of hard drives.

The processors work with almost any display devices. They offer adjustments to compensate for the bezel between panels and overlapped outputs to support edge blending on a continuous screen. Output resolution can be adjusted to the exact resolution of a display device up to 1920x1200, 2048x1152 or 2048x1080p, the highest resolution of any data/video wall.

A full array of features includes dynamic window sizing and positioning, smooth zooming within images, custom borders, titling, programmable presets, backgrounds and logos. Available options include Advanced Windows Control Panel (digital clock, on-screen cursor control and multi-level password control) and KVM control. The MediaWall 4500 and 4200 are unbeatable for mission critical, real time operations.



  • Fully real time - no dropped frames
  • Robust 24/7 operation
  • Up to 12 output screens
  • Up to 30 graphic & video windows
  • DVI input cable equalization
  • DVI outputs with 500mA pin-power
  • Control via web browser
  • Embedded operating system
  • Downloadable backgrounds
  • Borders & titles
  • Bezel compensation
  • Image overlap
  • Plug and play architecture
  • Smooth scaling, panning, zooming
  • No PC vulnerabilities
  • No hard drives
  • Presets
  • KVM option
  • Edge blending option
  • Command centers
  • Control rooms
  • Communication hubs
  • Exhibitions
Download datasheet
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