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Avitech is an industry leader in innovative MULTIVIEWERS and MULTI-IMAGE DISPLAY PROCESSORS.



Avitech is an industry leader and technology provider of MULTIVIEWERS.

Avitech offers an extensive and flexible line of multi-source virtual monitor walls and presentation modules, enabling operations of any size to truly achieve visual media monitoring and presentation.

With a key focus on "monitoring made easy" as well as quality, scalability and redundancy, Avitech provides visual monitoring solutions for the Broadcast, Security & Surveillance, and Professional AV Markets.

Entry-Level Multi-Image VGA / DVI & Video
VCC-8000 Multi-Format VGA / DVI & Video
MCC-8004 Multi-Image Video Processing Module

The new RAINIER Series is Avitech's entry-level low cost multi-image display processing solutions.

The series can auto detect up to 32 different computer and video inputs. The series is capable of 20 different output resolutions

The Rainier Series is available in 12 different models, so you can choose the most appropriate multi-image display processing module for your application.

The VCC-8000 Series of Multiviewers provides multi-format multi-image DVI / VGA processing.

With the VCC-8000 series of modules, computer and video inputs can be displayed in high resolution from 1024 x 768 up to 1920 x 1200.

VCC-8000 modules can be used as standalone units, or cascaded with MCC-8004 and ACC-8000 modules to provide facility-wide computer and video monitoring capabilities (up to 15 modules).

An integrated on-screen display (OSD) offers alarm reporting, labels, and borders.

The MCC-8004 Series of Multiviewers is a leader in the Video Monitor Wall market. The MCC8000 can display up to 120 inputs in a single display group. Combine digital or analog video, audio and computer signals on one display. Video can be composite, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, or component. Audio can be balanced or unbalanced. Computer signals can be DVI or VGA.

The MCC 8004 architecture offers tremendous flexibility for expansion. A system can go from a simple quad split to 120 video inputs. As system needs grow one need only add additional modules.

The MCC-8004 offers an integrated on-screen display, which includes on-screen labels, borders, alarms, optional audio meters as well as support for Asian and European symbols. The input windows can also be resized and moved freely for a truly customized display.

The MCC 8004 can be combined with other Avitech products (such as the VCC-8000 and ACC-8000) to support highly complex monitoring applications.

Sequoia Station 104/20 Sequoia Solo 2x2v Sequoia 4H
Sequoia Station 104/20
Sequoia - Mouse and Keyboard Controller
Sequoia Solo 2x2v
Multiviewer with Mouse/Keyboard Controller
Sequoia 4H
Multiviewer with Mouse/Keyboard Controller

The Sequoia series is a new addition to Avitech’s Visual Command Center, allowing flexible solutions for multi-image display processor (Multiviewer) configuration and PC interface controls.


Working in conjunction with the VCC-8000 series Multiviewer, Sequoia provides individual, corporate, and enterprise users with freedom and creativity in multiple computer system applications.



  • Compatible with PS/2 and USB interfaces
  • Support computers with VGA and DVI output
  • Compatible with existing KVMs, providing last leg display and operation*
  • Front panel LEDs indicate system status
  • The size and position of each computer video window can be freely adjusted by the user
  • Any computer video window can be expanded to full screen
  • Seamless control between the VCC-8000 Multiviewer and connected computers
  • Sequoia requires no software installation; simply use the supplied cables to connect to computers and the VCC Multiviewer.

Sequoia-2x2V allows users to control up to two computers, monitor two video sources, and adjust the video inputs to any size or location by simply pressing the keyboard hotkeys or using a mouse.


Streamlined monitoring: integrated switching function for keyboard/mouse, USB hub, speakers and microphone; all input windows are freely adjustable and have full screen capability.


Use the mouse and keyboard hotkeys to control up to two computers, or harness the onboard mouse and keyboard of an attached computer, or laptop, for support of the Sequoia-2x2V console.



  • Supports up to 2 computers on a single display
  • Compatible with USB and PS/2 based computers
  • Automatic output monitor resolution detection
  • Switch PCs via hotkeys or via host cursor directly
  • Supports VGA and DVI/YPbPr computer inputs
  • Front panel LED indicators
  • USB hub supports portable USB devices
  • HDCP-compliant
  • Plug-and-play
  • Full screen computer and video window
  • Automatic sensing of input signals

The Sequoia 4H empowers multi-tasking on an unprecedented level and is unlike any other multiviewer on the market. Perfect for custom home A/V installations, meeting rooms and streamlining complex workflows, the 4H combines the efficiency of a mouse/keyboard control with touchscreen functionality and the broad applicability of HDMI inputs.



  • Supports touchscreen functionality
  • Cascade Sequoia 4H, 2x2V and 2H2V units to control multiple sources with one mouse/keyboard set
  • Avitech Hook Software allows users to control connected computer inputs with a laptop via the Sequoia module
  • Compatible with USB and PS/2 based computers
  • Automatic output monitor resolution detection
  • USB hub supports portable USB devices
  • HDCP-compliant
  • Plug-and-play
  • Automatic sensing of input signals
  • Freely adjustable computer and video windows with full screen capability
  • Downloadable background picture, supports up to two 1080p BMP files



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