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Sony Media Editing Software: ACID® Pro 5

ACID® Pro 5

Professional loop-based music creation


ACID® Pro software is the ideal loop-based music composition and production tool for original music creation. Revolutionary since the first version, the tradition of innovation continues with version 5. Powerful new features and advanced functionality make ACID Pro 5 the most comprehensive application of its kind. ACID Pro software is the tool of choice for millions of industry professionals who want to create songs, remix tracks, produce 5.1 surround audio mixes, develop music beds, score videos, and much more. ACID software is ideal for real-time pitch-shifting, time-stretching, and groove quantization of audio and MIDI events. With new technologies and advanced professional features, ACID software provides the most powerful, user-friendly environment for everything from basic song creation to complex video scoring.



acid pro 5


The One and Only ACID
When it debuted in 1998, ACID Pro software launched a revolution in music creation. By offering a straightforward interface and "pick, paint, and play" interactivity, it was the first loop-based music creation application to put professional studio composition and editing power in the hands of producers at nearly every level of expertise. True to its revolutionary roots, ACID Pro 5 software is the power-user's application. New features such as Groove Mapping™ quantization tools, nestable folder tracks, native VST effects support, event reverse, and our patent-pending Media Manager technology allow for levels of music production unmatched in any other program.

A Solid Foundation
ACID software is built on rock-solid technology to provide you with an excellent foundation for loop-based music creation. ACID Pro 5 software also features a complete set of tools we call Fundamentals – the features you need to produce truly professional results. For example, ACID Pro 5 software has unlimited tracks for audio and MIDI events, real-time pitch and tempo matching, and impressive new Media Manager technology. Media Manager tools let you search, tag, and catalog your loops with incredibly accuracy and efficiency.

Get Organized
Powerful new Media Manager technology offers a more efficient way to manage your ACID project media. Innovative 'search and tag' tools allow you to quickly identify loops found on your hard-drive or even within the entire Sony Sound Series Loops & Samples collection — by genre, instrumentation, BPM, or other user-defined and customizable attributes.

Superior Mixing and Editing
New nestable folder tracks enhance project organization and simplify editing. Reverse audio events during playback in real-time. Set up and mix 5.1 channel surround project files for audio and DVD productions. The Beatmapper™ tool adds tempo information to song-length files including MP3s, so you can remix and combine music loops with existing songs. The Chopper™ tool creates amazing drum fills, stutters, and DJ-style effects.

Cutting-Edge Audio Effects
Apply over 20 DirectX audio effects, including the new tempo-based effects such as Flange, Amplitude Modulation, and Simple Delay that automatically adjust to project-based tempo changes. You can also create resonant sweeps, dramatic fades, EQ changes, and add effects using automation envelopes. ACID Pro 5 software also natively supports VST effects, expanding the palette of sounds available for music creation. Apply automation and tempo-sync VST effects. Use VST soft synths with multiple busses.

Your Quantization Station
New and unique to ACID Pro 5 software is our powerful and patent-pending groove quantization technology. Groove Mapping and Groove Cloning can significantly expand your loop collection by morphing existing loops into fresh, new sounds. Beat-match loops and vocal tracks nondestructively in real-time. Quantize disparate loops to a common groove, create new grooves from scratch, apply any number of the supplied grooves, and even extract grooves from existing loops and apply them to other samples.

Included Free
Included with ACID Pro 5 software are more than 1,000 loops from the Sony Sound Series: Loops & Samples collection, plus the Native Instruments™ Xpress Keyboards VSTi soft synth bundle — a $119.00 value.

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