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SONY Medical Analog/Digital Printers
UP897MD UPD897 UP970AD
Analog A6 Black & White Printer
Digital A6 Black & White Printer
Black & White Hybrid Graphic Printer

The UP-897MD black and white video printer is designed specifically for use with medical diagnostic equipment, such as ultrasound systems. The UP-897MD packs power in a small chassis. High-quality, photo-like prints are output in just approximately 2.0 seconds. The UP-897MD is extremely small and light weight. For additional convenience the UP-897MD adds a jog dial to the front panel for easy operation.

The Sony UP-D897 thermal printer is the ideal choice for digital ultrasound systems. The monochrome black and white printer incorporates USB 2.0 for easy integration to digital ultrasound systems. The UP-D897 printer packs a powerful set of features in a small package. The chassis is extremely small and lightweight with a remarkable print speed of approximately 2.0 seconds.

The UP-970AD is a black and white HYBRID graphic printer that supports both analog and digital applications. This dual compatibility is especially critical as imaging systems make the transition from analog to digital technology. The UP-970AD has both an analog video input as well as a USB 2.0 high speed interface for digital printing. The UP-970AD offers an improved resolution of 325 dpi ensuring superb picture quality and faster print speed of about 8 seconds. As an extra convenience the UP-970AD uses the same media as the predecessor model - UPP-210HD and UPP-210SE. The UP-970AD is the ideal choice for medical black and white analog and digital applications such as ultrasound, mobile c-arm, and cardiac cath lab.


  • Analog A6 B&W Printer
  • 2 Second print speed
  • User-friendly controls on front panel
  • Uses same media as the UP-895 series printers
  • High-quality, photo like images


  • Digital A6 B&W Printer
  • UP-D897 - USB 2.0 High Speed Interface easily connects to digital ultrasound system
  • 2 Second print speed
  • User-friendly controls on front panel
  • High-quality, photo like images


  • Analog video and digital USB 2.0 interfaces
  • Fast print speed - approximately 8 seconds
  • Excellent print quality and contrast
  • Front panel LCD display for easy operation
  • Multiple images per sheet (two, four, six)
  • Compact design for easy integration into cart based imaging systems
  • Worldwide power supply and video signal compatibility
Digital A6 Color Printer
Digital USB A5 Color Printer
The Sony UP-D23MD Digital Color Printer is the ideal choice for the endoscopy and ultrasound markets. At just 8 3/8" wide, the UP-D23MD will help to free up space on medical carts and allows for easy integration. Although small in size, the UP-D23MD printer offers a wide variety of features. The UP-D23MD incorporates a USB 2.0 High Speed interface for fast and efficient digital connectivity for many modalities, as well as convenient hook up to a laptop or office PC. USB 2.0 allows for a faster transfer rate of data, thus improving overall printing time. USB 2.0 is backwards compatible with USB Version 1.1. Using Sony's Dye Sublimation printing technology, the UP-D23MD produces near A6 size prints with approximately 400 dpi in less than 20 seconds, using the UPC-21S media.

The UP-D55MD Digital A5 Printer successfully combines high quality with fast output to produce exceptional A5 color images in approximately 20 seconds. The printer's new compact design allows for easy integration into medical systems or connection to a laptop or PC in an office environment. The UP-D55MD is the ideal choice for medical digital printing, for ultrasound, surgical or other industrial and scientific applications.



  • Digital Color A6 Printer
  • High Speed USB 2.0 Interface
  • Slim Compact Design - Ideal for Medical Carts
  • High Speed Printing - 19 Seconds using UPC-21S media (in high speed mode)
  • Resize to Fit
  • Gray Balance Adjustment
  • Worldwide Power
  • 2 Media Choices - UPC-21L and UPC-21S


  • Digital Color Video Printing
  • High Speed USB 2.0 Interface easily connects to PC or laptop
  • Smaller design allows for easy integration with medical systems
  • Worldwide power
  • High Speed Printing - approximately 20 Seconds per print
  • Approximately 379 DPI Resolution
  • Cut Paper, "No Curl" UPC-55
  • High Quality, Photo-like Images
  • Re-size to fit feature
  • Multi-Image Printing - 1, 2, or 4 per page

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