HVRA1U Accessories



Model Name Description
DXF801 View Finder
VCTU14 Tripod Adaptor



Model Name Description
ACDN10 AC Adaptor
ACDN2B Ac Adapter
BCM150 Battery Charger
BCM50 Battery Charger
BPGL65 Graphite Lithium-Ion Battery
BPGL95 Graphite Lithium-Ion Battery
BPL60S Hard Carbon Lithium-Ion Battery
CAC12 Microphone Holder for DXC and BVP Series Cameras
DXF51 5" Studio Viewfinder
ECM670 Short Shotgun Microphone
ECM672 Uni-Directional Electret Condenser Microphone
LC400BP Soft Carrying Case for Professional Camcorders
LC424TH Shipping Case with Built-in Wheels by Thermodyne