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Sony Professional Projector

Sony projectors have a solution for almost any large screen imaging need. Advanced technology combined with superior quality, built to last and backed by outstanding warranty coverage and service, Sony projectors are hard to beat.

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When communicating, demonstrating, training, or entertaining, Sony Installation projectors deliver unsurpassed image quality and input flexibility to present your message professionally. Sony's wide line-up of Installation projectors have more than a 20-year proven track record of quality, reliability, and leadership to help you look just as professional.

Sony's line of portable projectors were designed to meet the demands of the growing presentation market. They achieve the brightest output possible and the best uniformity of color and brightness available. They all include advanced optical technology based around a precision prism block and Sony's own Polysilicon panels.

Designed to meet the needs of today's mobile presenters and technically astute salespeople, Sony's Ultra Personal™ projectors combine high performance with ultra portability. You get maximum impact from a minimum package.




Projector Accessories    
Projector Accessories    
Sony offers a variety of Ontime Support options, replacement lamps, interface cards, remotes, mounting brackets, cables and other accessories to operate with its full line of projectors

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