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Sentech Cameras - Specialty Cameras - Industrial Handheld Borescopes
Sentech's Industrial Borescopes feature both USB and Video output cameras. The USB output model is designed for computer use and display. The video output model has an integrated 2" LCD screen and RCA jack video output connection. Both cameras generate excellent imaging and an ease of use.
STC-IE118M-15 STC-IE310USB-1  
STC-IE118M-15 (LCD Screen) STC-IE310USB-1
Handheld Borescope
(USB to Computer Screen)

The STC-IE118M-15 is a complete hand held video borescope. This unit features a 2” LCD screen, an SD card slot for image capture, a self contained LED adjustable light source and a phone jack video out connection allowing video to be displayed on a TV monitor. The standard flexible probe is 1.5 meters and is available in up to 5 meter configurations.

The STC-IE310USB-1 is a flexible USB based borescope. The flexible probe end is 1.5 meters and the unit features a self contained adjustable LED light source. This camera plugs straight into a computer via a USB port. The image is displayed on the computer screen.

  • Handheld Borescope Camera
  • Image Displayed on 2" LCD Screen
  • SD Card Slot for Recording and Video Out
  • USB 2.0 Borescope Camera
  • Image Displayed on Computer Screen
  • Includes Image Viewing and Recording Software


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