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Sentech Cameras - Auto Focus Block Cameras

Standard and HD Technology with CCD Performance

Sentech proudly features an industrial grade Auto Focus Camera Series specifically designed for medical, low vision and industrial applications. Sentech has both High Definition and Standard Resolution Block Cameras. Our new HD auto focus camera (STC-AF133) is a digital output CCD based camera with an 18X zoom lens. The STC-AF133 features true HD 720p resolution and outputs 16x9 image at 60 fps. Our Standard auto focus block cameras are available in both standard (STC-AF56) and high resolution (STC-AF66). All Sentech block cameras have full “Low Vision” functionality built into the camera.



  • Powerful 18X & 22X Optical Zoom Capabilities
  • 3 Base Models: HD 720p, 480 TV Lines, 330 TV Lines
  • RS232 Serial Communication
  • Low Light Extended Integration
  • Direct Connection to TFT Computer Type Monitors
  • Optional 25 cm Close-up Lens
  • Manual Focus Override
  • AF Stability (Reduces Hunting During Target Movement)
  • Full Low Vision Features
    • 3 Independently Programmable Image Modes
    • 30 Combinations of Pseudo Colors including Super Bright Mode
    • Masking & Line Generation
    • Digital Zoom (Some Models)
    • Image Freeze (Some Models)
    • Horizontal & Vertical Flip (Some Models)


(High Definition) CMOS High Definition
(High Definition) CMOS
Auto Focus Block (HD CMOS)
High Definition High Resolution Models
Standard Resolution Models Comparison of Auto Focus Models
Standard Resolution Models Comparison of Auto Focus Models  


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