Model No STC-N63
Image Sensor ⅓" Interline CCD: ICX408AK
Effective Picture Element 768(H) x 494(V) 
Chip Size (mm) 5.59 (H) x 4.69 (V) 
Cell Size (µm)  6.35 (H) x 7.4 (V) 
Pixel Clock Frequency  14.318 MHz 
Horizontal Frequency  15.734 KHz 
Vertical Frequency  59.94 Hz 
Scanning System  2:1 Interlace 
Video Output  1.0Vp-p / 75Ω 
Horizontal Resolution  480 TV Lines 
Minimum Scene Illumination  0.17 Lux with F1.2 lens 
S/N Ratio  More than 48dB 
γ Correction  0.45 
White Balance  BL, BJ, BT: AWB (Auto White Balance) mode only; L, CS, BCS: AWB and White Balance lock modes; CL, CCS, CJ, CT:AWB, White Balance lock, PWB modes;  
Aperture Correction  ON 
AGC (Automatic Gain Control)  ON 
Pixel Blemish Correction ON 
Flicker Compensation  ON/OFF (DIP SW selectable) 
Mirror Image  ON/OFF (DIP SW selectable) 
Back Light  ON/OFF (DIP SW selectable) 
Shutter Speed  1/60, Electronic Iris (DIP SW selectable) 
Electronic Iris  1/60 – 1/100,000 sec 
DSP Communication  12C(Requires USB adapter Jig) 
Auto Iris Lens Driver DC Drive (BCS, BJ, BT Type Only) 
Power Input  8.0 – 13.2Vdc (L, CS Type) 10.5 – 14.0Vdc (BCS, CL, CCS, EL, BJ, BT, CJ, CT Type)  
Power Consumption  130mA at 12Vdc (L, CS Type) 150mA at 12Vdc (BCS, EL, BJ, BT Type) 180mA at 12Vdc (CL, CCS, CJ, CT Type)  
Dimensions 32 (W) x 32 (H) mm