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 Sentech Color 2:1 Interlace, NTSC, Cased Cameras: STC-N63

 Sentech Color 2:1 Interlace Cased Cameras: STC-N63 Series

STC-N63 Datasheet

The STC-N63 is a high resolution, 1/3" color CCD, NTSC camera that offers 480 TV Lines and a 10-Bit DSP in a very compact cased configuration (36 x 36 x 37mm). These low cost cameras offer an optional user-programmable DSP and setup. The STC-N63 is available in 5 different back panel options.



  • White Balance: Auto, Manual & Push-to-Set
  • 10-bit DSP
  • NTSC, 1/3" Color CCD, 480 TVL


BJ Model BT Model CC Model
BJ Model BT Model CC Model


  • BNC and Jack


  • BNC and Terminal Strip



  • Y/C and Video Out,
  • Auto Push to Set White Balance
  • 12 pin Hirose Connector
CJ Model CT Model  
CJ Model CT Model  


  • Y/C and Video Out,
  • Auto Push to Set White Balance
  • Power Jack


  • Y/C and Video Out,
  • Auto Push to Set White Balance
  • Power Terminal




 .: Specifications :.
Model No
Image Sensor
⅓" Interline CCD: ICX408AK
Effective Picture Element
768(H) x 494(V)
Chip Size (mm)
5.59 (H) x 4.69 (V)
Cell Size (µm)
6.35 (H) x 7.4 (V)
Pixel Clock Frequency
14.318 MHz
Horizontal Frequency
15.734 KHz
Vertical Frequency
59.94 Hz
Scanning System
2:1 Interlace
Video Output
1.0Vp-p / 75Ω
Horizontal Resolution
480 TV Lines
Minimum Scene Illumination
0.17 Lux with F1.2 lens
S/N Ratio
More than 48dB
γ correction
White Balance
BL, BJ, BT: AWB (Auto White Balance) mode only L, CS, BCS: AWB and White Balance lock modes CL, CCS, CJ, CT: AWB, White Balance lock, PWB modes
Aperture Correction
AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
Pixel Blemish Correction
Flicker Compensation
ON/OFF (DIP SW selectable)
Mirror Image
ON/OFF (DIP SW selectable)
Back Light
ON/OFF (DIP SW selectable)
Shutter Speed
1/60, Electronic Iris (DIP SW selectable)
Electronic Iris
L, CS, BCS, BJ, BT, CJ, CT: None CL, CCS: HD/VD and VS EL: VS
DSP Communication
12C (Requires USB adapter Jig)
Auto Iris Lens Driver
DC Drive (BCS, BJ, BT Type Only)
Power Input
8.0 – 13.2Vdc (L, CS Type) 10.5 – 14.0Vdc (BCS, CL, CCS, EL, BJ, BT, CJ, CT Type) 2.1mm DC barrel power jack plug w/ center pin position
Power Consumption
130mA at 12Vdc (L, CS Type) 150mA at 12Vdc (BCS, EL, BJ, BT Type) 180mA at 12Vdc (CL, CCS, CJ, CT Type)
35 (W) x 42.5 (H) x 54.5 (D)



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